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  1. GusGus


    Little sketch I made of my Giant Papillon, GusGus. I drew this in autodesk sketchbook using a really old wacom tablet I've had for about 15 years.
  2. Peewee sus

    Peewee sus

  3. Peewee Jail

    Peewee Jail

    He crawled underneath the door of their pen and just sat there LOL
  4. Kiss


    Kreme kissing Oreo
  5. Peewee Cuddles

    Peewee Cuddles

    Peewee cuddles Oreo
  6. T

    what breeds could my rabbits be...

    I have a male rabbit that i got from a local pet store and a female that i got a couple months later from the same pet store. My male’s name is thumper and he started out pretty small but has grew pretty fast in the last 4 months that we’ve had him. he has pretty big ears and one is flopped over...
  7. MistyBun25

    What's my rabbits color?

    So I just adopted this adorable Holland lop boy. I was told he is a broken blue but I'm not sure if that's what he is. I was thinking magpie? He has some very light creme on his ears and a little on his nose but the rest is a dark and light blue/grey color. What do y'all think. He is very...
  8. >Bunny<

    Calling All Chicken Owners :)

    Hello! I’m a bunny lover, but I’m also obsessed with chickens!!! I’ve got two grown-up gals, a white Silkie (named Rainbow Grassy by an at-the-time 5 year old, nicknamed Rag) and a Buff Brahma (Chicken Good). We now have 3 baby chicks in the brooder! A Salmon Favorolle (Rex), a painted Silkie...
  9. Rivka


    We have an adorable female mini-bunny called Thumper. She is eight months old and can be shy at first but is super loving. She is amazing with humans, and other animals. She loves to play, cuddle, and get massages. WE would love to keep her but my husband is allergic to her and we tried to do...
  10. Griffin Elfant

    Bonding Bunnies New Video

    Hey everyone! I just posted the second video up on my youtube channel! It showcases Daisy's second speed dating session at our local rabbit shelter! I am very excited to say we adopt Saturday! But who will we adopt?! I would really appreciate your support, if you have a gmail you can log in...
  11. C

    Need advice!

    Hello, I recently found out that one of my 4 rabbits was actually a boy instead of what we thought was a girl. 2 of the rabbits are girls and 1 fixed boy. Everyone told and agreed that he was a girl. Anyways so we found out that he was a boy and we think that at least 1 of our 2 female rabbits...
  12. Reemy


    Hi! I just want to ask. My rabbits are starting to smell really bad and I dont know why, its probably from peeing alot on the hay and then sleeping on it. I am getting unconfortable with the smell. Is there any way that I can clean them possibly wash them a little with water or something...