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  1. 43bf380a83a544a1a7f2845ec34ae8c4.mp4


    love his little curious face 🫶🏼🤍
  2. Cocorabbits


    So recently I was given a small breed rabbit (most likely part Netherland dwarf) who was found abandoned in a neighborhood. I put her in her own double level rabbit hutch. She escaped about a week ago and she’s just been roaming the yard. I wasn’t too worried about catching her because I didn’t...
  3. twixdacutebunny

    All about bunny pee (color & consistency)

    Hello! I just got a bunny about 5 days ago and his name is Twix, he's about 8 months old and he is fixed. Since we've got him we have been feeding him 1/4 of a cup of Oxbow Young Rabbit Food everyday. We also give him unlimited Timothy Hay (I make sure to give him fresh hay everyday) And we have...
  4. I

    EXTREMELY URGENT - flooded cottontail nest

    It’s been raining non stop in the Dallas Area today. My son went outside and found a nest of bunnies covered in water and completely destroyed. There were 4 bunnies total but 2 drowned and we weren’t able to save them. I tried to look for the dried grass and the covering for the bunnies nest but...
  5. S

    bunny has an eye problem! Help!

    Hi! I have a female mini Rex who seems to have a prolapsed third eye lid. I noticed it this morning. I’m not sure if that is exactly what it is but it looks a lot like cherry eye. She is a rescue bunny I raised Her from the time she was a day old. She doesn’t live with any other rabbits. She did...
  6. P

    Twitching bunny help!

    Uh hello im new here and I just recently got a bunny- i don't know if she is sick or not ok but she seems to be twitching her head and when we let her run and play she gets excited but twitches a lot. Her stomach seems to be really bloated or big to say the least. Is this all normal im really...
  7. Haru the Lionhead

    What do i feed my bunny

    Hello guys, i got a new bunny 5 days ago and they told me she is 10 months old. I gave her Timothy hay, lettuce, parsley, dill, coriander, Rocca, cucumber, apple, and orange. She eats well and her poop is fine. Today they called and said she is 4 months old!! Is that okay? can I still feed her...
  8. Hi!!!!


    Hi! My name is Maggie and this is my bunny Peanut! Peanut is a dwarf rabbit and my baby!!!!! He loves to run, try new food, and explore new areas. His favorite food is Banana Chips! Peanut is the king and I am his proud owner. Thank you for reading!!!! Stay healthy!!!! ~Maggie
  9. M

    Need advice!!!

    Hello guys, I got my first ever rabbit about 4 months ago now and it has been amazing. Safe to say i am a crazy rabbit lady. Im not sure when but i would love to get a friend for my rabbit. Hes a male rabbit that hasnt been desexed and im not looking to get him desexed at the moment. Now i...
  10. pimsybunny

    help! baby bunny bathroom habits!

    Hiiiii all :) My baby bunny is about two and a half months old, she adjusted really well to my boyfriend and I and loves her new home and environment. When I picked her up I she was on a pellet certain vegetable diet. Since then I've added spring mix to her diet some in the morning and...
  11. EmilyJayneHarlow

    Scab on side

    So the other day i was stroking my rabbit and felt someone in his side, i had a look and he had a scab, he must have cut himself somehow before as it had already scabbed over. A couple of days later I went to have a look to see how it was and i just found a 'bald spot' i think this is where the...
  12. U

    Litter Issues

    Lemon is my first bunny, and a second-hand acquisition. During the spring, summer, and fall she lives outside but in the winter she comes in to avoid the weather. She has no issue using her litter box in her cage, and sometimes sits in it just to sit. But when I let her out we have accidents...
  13. BunnyLandia

    Pairing 1 month old bunny with much older rabbit

    Hi guys, so About 3 months ago I bought an adult female rabbit from the flea market. Her names pancake. Last week I decided to buy a 1 month old lionhead male bunny. When I put them together, my female rabbit pancake always lunges at the new bunny, growls and attacks him. I am a new rabbit owner...
  14. myroommateisarabbit

    Greetings B)

    Recently joined the site and figured I'd post an introduction. Hi, my name is Amy. I've spent pretty much my entire life up until this point owning random small/exotic animals, but these are my first two rabbits. I've had kit for around two and a half years now (since he was roughly 5 weeks)...
  15. myroommateisarabbit

    Help me guess my rabbit's age/breed!

    Recently got a new bunny to accompany my older rabbit Kit (don't worry, he is a total sweetheart). The breeder I got him/her from was clearly not a very good one, unfortunately. He tried to tell me that Bean is 7 weeks, and I'm having a VERY hard time believing him. Now maybe I'm just crazy...
  16. Sophie.k2002

    New to this whole thing and her poop is so soft.

    Hello, i got my bun bun 5 days ago. She's 1 month and 16 days old. I fed her basil, spinach, carrot and bread bits. She doesn't drink water ,i have to forcefully feed her with syringe before she dies of dehydration. We don't have hay available , and my parents that i need to get her things...
  17. Pearl the bunny

    Is Loofah Safe?

    Hi, it’s me @pearlthe.bunny (Instagram). I just wanted to ask if it safe to buy loofahs with treats on them? I have a follower who creates treats for bunnies on loofahs and just wanted to know if it’s safe before I purchase it! Thank you :)