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  1. K

    How to keep bunny off furniture?

    Hi all! I was wondering if it were possible to train my rabbit to stay off of my bed and if anyone has any tips on how to do so? My living situation doesn't allow me to keep my rabbit out of my bedroom so my bedroom is where she free roams. One of the only behavioral issues I have with her is...
  2. Redrabbit

    New bunny advice please

    Hi, We adopted a new bunny today and she’s gorgeous but she’s a lop and I’m a bit clueless. (We have a Rex) Every time she drinks her ears get wet but I’m reluctant to use a bottle- which is better bowl and wet ears or bottle and dry ears? Is it something she’ll learn (she had a bottle before)...
  3. Floyd2019


    Hi guys! SO floyd is 7 months and not neutered (because of health issues i am waiting for him to be stable and healthy for a while before neutering him, he just started being healthy again this month!) BUT ever since he was 8 weeks old he would pee on my carpet. I managed to litter box train him...
  4. L

    Bun’s 4am wake up call

    My rabbit jumps everywhere he can reach. About a week ago he learned how to jump in my bed. He zooms in my bed and binkies. The problem is he does this at 4am. He’s a free roam bun since I got the top floor of our house. After going hyper in my bed he jumps down and zooms around the room...
  5. E

    Can I use a rabbit diaper? (bed peeing)

    Would it be consider it safe and hygienic if a rabbit was to wear a diaper for the duration of the night? Maybe 8 hours or so. She's an intact female, as she is still too young to be spayed (though I'm waiting and, dreaming of the day). I'm utterly sick of her peeing on my bed and will not put...
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