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    Does anyone Doodle?

    I make my husband doodle for me. I have no talent for it ;___; but I have lots of ideas. He's a great artist with no ideas xD
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    Anyone near West Des Moines, IA who needs 2 more?

    A while ago I adopted Mulder and Scully, two rabbits born at a local shelter who had been living there for their entire lives-- 1 year and 6 months. They're great rabbits, a lot of fun with a lot of personality. They like to explore and jump! But they have a brother and a sister who are still...
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    Funny Meme of the day

    :( :(
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    Showing my rabbit putting in competitions?

    oh my God imagine the accidental breeding LOL.
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    Unexpected death during spay

    Are you sure that was the cause of death? Did the vet actually do a necropsy? I don't think it's your fault. I've never heard of any evidence that rabbits can have stress-induced ulcers like people do, but common sense tells me it would take a lot longer than a few hours. If she had an ulcer...
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    Small fight between two bonded buns :(

    Genders don't really matter in bonding, put that out of your head. The smell of a new rabbit can unbond a pair sometimes. Can you put the new rabbit in a different room?
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    Plus Pudd (quad bonding journal)

    Yes, that would probably make your life a lot easier :p
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    Plus Pudd (quad bonding journal)

    How long have you had little luna?
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    Plus Pudd (quad bonding journal)

    Yes, Pudd is quite a bit smaller than the rest of them. He weighs about half of what Tank does, who is the biggest.
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    Bonding a younger male to an older male

    It doesn't matter, you should still separate them until both are altered. They can seriously injure one another before you can even run across the room and completely without warning. Humping is normal rabbit bonding behavior, and that's something you should read about before you try.
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    Plus Pudd (quad bonding journal)

    Here are my favorite pictures =) Mulder did a good flop lol
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    ~Craigslist thread: what are you looking at?

    They are housing the pergant mom and dad together? o.O derp
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    RIP Ricochet

    Good bye ricochet ):
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    Plus Pudd (quad bonding journal)

    Waaaaah I'm tired today! But anyway, put them all back in the tub for about two hours and was really bored (therefore, good session.) There were two fights (that I broke with yelling) and I am certain in one instance and I suspect in the other that Scully started both. Inexplicably, she is...
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    Behaviour Between 2 Neutered Males

    You're too involved. Circling and humping doesn't always lead to fights. You should let them circle for a while before you stop them and you should let them hump for a few seconds before you stop them, too. They need to figure this out on their own.