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  1. ZeepWon

    Wet Brown Chin

    Thank you for the advice!! I was able to get her in to see the vet and she all good! The vet said that it seems like she just got into something and got messy and was trying to clean herself off. The vet ended up shaving part the dirty fur off. YangYangs skin is a bit inflamed and has a small...
  2. ZeepWon

    Wet Brown Chin

    Some more information that seems important. YangYang has been eating, drinking, and pooping normally. She doesn’t seem to mind the wet patch at all. She still seems to lover her chin and cheek scratches, even on the brown spot, so I can only assume it doesn’t hurt her. I’m just worried that it...
  3. ZeepWon

    Wet Brown Chin

    My rabbit YangYang has a brown wet spot on her chin. I noticed it yesterday night (10/12) and thought it was dry this morning but when I got back from class it was worse. The two pictures I added are from today (10/13). I am a fist time bunny owner and don’t know what to do. I’m trying to get...