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    My Rabbit is eating his feces!

    I dumped the vet with a lot ofsuccess, thanks to you, AmberNBuns! I left Mr. Cuddles to do hisbusiness in peace, and eat it too! Thanksguys! Wishbone 332
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    Every rabbit who passed away is in my heart.

    Hello Loz n Ebony, and thank you verymuch, and I am very sorry that this tragedy happened. (I know I wasaway for a long time, because I was on vacation in Florida with Mr.Cuddles.) I can always help, and so can thekind people onthis forum. It will help if you if you try to express all your...
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    Um...she peed on me

    Hi! I'm back! So to answer yourquestion, I think the others are right.(Personally, I also think it's adominance thing. Mr.Cuddles once peed on my jeans, and began to push mearound with his legs and nose as if he was the boss of me!) You'll beOK! :D
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    Babies Born Dead

    I can't help, but maybe Pamnock or Carloyncan. Poor kits.
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    Which Rabbit?

    Hiya! 1. Yes, it'ssafer to keep your rabbit indoors. 2. It's the same as a normal one. 3. They are onthe pet market, but not easy to find, yet not too rare, either. I'm notsure. 4. I'm not sure,but it shouldn't be too cold nor toohot. 5. Females, Iguess, but Mr. Cuddles, my maleHolland Lop...
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    I don't have any, but MyBunnyLovesMe hassome, and Pamnock, Carolyn, and some of the other users have pics oftheirrabbits right under their usernames, as anavatar!
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    I have some sweet names! 1. Bun-Bun 2. Hugsy 3. Kinpip 4. FB (Funny Bunny) 5. LB(LittleBunny) 6. Necile (Female) 7. Bounce 8.Kirsty 9. Jay 10. Molly 11. Rab-Rab 12. Jub-Jub 13. Dwarf What do you think?
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    Ok, but remember, bunnies can be pretty hardto care for! Just think of my Mr.Cuddles!
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    I really want a bunny!!

    I always reply to make people feelbetter, but I'm sorry. I didn't mean to let you down, but I don't thinkyou can buy one. The least and only things you can do is buy a stuffedbunny to keep you company or if you want a real one that badly, you canmove out and buy a bunny at your new home. But, I...
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    my new bunny is VICIOUS!! Y

    Once, my Mr. Cuddles attacked me and bit me.I was trying to watch TV and pet him at the same time, when he nippedmy hand and scared the &*$% out of me!!! He stopped after a dayor so, and I didn't even have to train him! Wierd, eh? maybe this'llhappen to your bun too.
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    Sexing my rabbits

    It is very difficult to sex young rabbits.But, sexing an adult is easier. Thiswas taken from abook,only I changed the text abit: Sexing Adults 1.While an assistant holds the rabbit down, gently press down on therabbit's lower abdomen to let thepenis standout. 2. Dothe same in females to protude...
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    Help get them back in there cage?

    MyBunnyLovesMe is right! Some food or theold surprise trap in the cage may work! All I can tell you is that itworked on Mr. Cuddles! He whizzed right into his cage, then I shut thelid and he's in!!!
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    For a Happy Easter chuckle,,,,

    Well told, Carolyn! Bunny humor is the rockright now! lol
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    What should I call my bunny?

    I have some cool names! 1. Fawn 2. Hugsy 3. Spike 4. Bun-Bun 5. Rab-Rab Sorry, but that's all I can think of.
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    The sand box!

    I've got some of the cutest, and funniestnews! If you go to thetopic "For a HappyEaster chuckle....", you'll be rolling onthe floor!!! (Click on the linkfirst!)