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    Is my rabbit pregnant?

    I'm Sooooo Sorry:(
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    HELP!! Bunny pregnant

    Did she have birtho_O
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    Scab on bunny tail

    press newfoundland it's a link.:)
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    Scab on bunny tail on there at the end of the page it says: Newfoundland
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    Scab on bunny tail

    do you live next to newfoundland. o_O
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    Scab on bunny tail

    hi mokabunbun i read that you should take a clean cotton ball or gauze pad and put some Betadine on it. :D :);)
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    Angelina passed away

    This year our bunny died. she was called Angelina. She had an abscess on her mouth which we were having treated by a vet. On her last visit, he did tests and said she was okay, but that we should clean her abscess with a solution every day. A day or two later, she stopped eating. We were...
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    Dwarf mix bunny needs a new home with loving owners (Tampa, FL)

    i saw your link and he was so CUTE!!!:D:)
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    Picky rabbits

    critical care is a food that you can only find in a pet store there's some instructions on the back of critical care. so if your bunny stops eating hay feed them that.;)
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    Picky rabbits

    i mean if they eat hay its good but if they don't feed them critical care.
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    Picky rabbits

    if they eat hay its ok if they its not
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    Picky rabbits

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    Picky rabbits

    ok bam bam
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    Picky rabbits

    because then she has gi stasis, it is a life threatening illness that you have to take your bunny to the vet for immediately.