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  1. Suzy Rabbit Mom

    Help to get over a passed away rabbit

    I recently lost my 8 year old little boy, loved him soooooo much, he ruled the roost. I know we gave him the best bunny life and spoiled him rotten. I read on grieving pets and it said to go ahead and miss them but keep your head up while missing them and remember how much you loved each other...
  2. Suzy Rabbit Mom

    Bunny died today :(

    So sorry to hear this. I had similar experience with my holland lop 2 christmas ago. Carrot was her name, I feel she tried to tell me something was wrong few weeks before she got sic,. I didn't recognize the sign. She was barely breathing making a wheezing noise. Had to wait til Sunday morning...
  3. Suzy Rabbit Mom

    Mourning bunny mom

    Thank you for your supportive and kind response. My little "hunter" had the rule of the roost. He was the boss and had the family wrapped around his little rabbit foot. So smart and funny little guy. We will miss him, but were blessed to have him.
  4. Suzy Rabbit Mom

    Mourning bunny mom

    That's so sad, I'm so sorry. Our bunny's are so special and the relationships we have are hard for non-bunny owners to realize. We have to have faith that their little bunny spirits are still alive and are living in heaven. I know that doesn't fill the void. I find myself trying to analyze what...
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    Mourning bunny mom

    Thank you all for your responses, it helps when others can relate to our bunny relationships and how special they are.
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    Mourning bunny mom

    Thanks for the support, I am grateful for the 8 years, and the rare experience of bonding with a bunny. He was so silly.
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    Mourning bunny mom

    I found my liitle 8 year old dwarf rabbit deceased the other day in my my house, so sudden, I'm so sad. He was the best pet I have ever had. I'm grateful for the the 8 years, but I'm really going to miss him. Still kind of a shock.