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    A genetics Question For Pam .

    I agree with you Pam. Robert
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    A genetics Question For Pam .

    I agree with Pam, in the picture it very much looks to have shading in which a broken tort would have. Robert
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    A genetics Question For Pam .

    Pam, I will take a look at that later, just anything with genetics stuff on it. Robert
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    My rabbit just died after only two months of having it =(

    The lettuce could have caused diareah.(s/p) Robert
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    A genetics Question For Pam .

    Hey Pam, Do you happen to have like any cheat sheets or anything? Robert
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    A genetics Question For Pam .

    It does look sorta like a broken orange, a wayto tell is, is there any darker like, blackishy color on the bottoms ofthe color?
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    Not Again!!! )=

    Could it be snuffles? I dono what thescientific name for that is. If so, yes it is contagous, itsa great thing that you seperated your buns, just to be on the safe sideno matter what it is. I know that snuffles can go away andcome back whenever stress is added. Not real sure if thatswhat it is...
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    My rabbit just died after only two months of having it =(

    SOunds like it could have been GI Statis(enteritis), I have only seen that in kits that are about 3-8weeks old though. But its probably that. Robert
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    Please Keep Sebastian's Little Girl In Your Prayers

    Thats soo terrible for anyone to go through thatmuch pain, especially a young child, and it must be even worse for youto have to sit there and know theres nothing for you to do. Iam soo sorry for your little girl. Thoughts and Prayers. Robert
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    Now they are four days old!

    Hey, Sadly to say, Wilbur looks VERY much like a peanut, don't get tooattached out of prolly 15 in the last couple months, the longest livedwas 2.5 weeks i think maybe 3. There is nothing you can do tohelp a peanut, it all has to do with the insides and stuff.Sorry, but it happens all the time...
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    First Rabbit Show , ever !!!

    Hello, Glad your first show went well. I would just politely tellthe breeders about what happened and ask nicely aboutexchanges. I think most breeders would help you out as bestas they can. Robert
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    Pamnock or other breeder

    WEll, Went out this morning to see 4 more littleones in the box. This time she pulled fur andeverything. Thanks for the help though. Robert
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    Pamnock or other breeder

    I will be for sure to keep you all posted, Ijust want her to be safe and good when shes done. She is areally nice doe, that should really be able to help out my herd. Robert\ P.S. The doe is Zenk's Z116
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    The Babies Are Now Three Days Old!

    Yea, she is right, they do have teeth right away when they are born, but of cousrse very small. Robert
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    Pamnock or other breeder

    Hello, Well, I just went back out to check on the does, as I have 2 due todayand 2 in 2 days. She had made a like burrow for a nest andstuff, that she didn't really have before, so hopefully by morning shewill have some more, not really worried about the babies right now,just the mom. Will keep...