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    Bonding a trio

    I'm slowly working on bonding our new rescue bun (the little blue guy) with my two already-bonded Flemish. This is their first substantial "date" and we've had a few quick grooms, only a couple butt nips (from the gray female) and some lovely flops and mirroring. I've never done this before so...
  2. RainDownOnMe

    Rescue bun, skinny & mellow

    That's reassuring, thank you! The rescue guessed Dutch mix, but he does have Netherland-like ears and the little smooshed face, so maybe that is the other part of the puzzle. He's a little over 4lbs and quite emaciated so I would guess he should be more like 5lbs. My Flemish don't seem to...
  3. RainDownOnMe

    Rescue bun, skinny & mellow

    This is little Lennon, we adopted him from a small animal rescue on Saturday. He had been in a foster home for about a week, he was picked up as a stray late October, neutered, and transported to the rescue. FB_IMG_1573492652615 by RainDownOnMe posted Nov 13, 2019 at 3:06 PM...