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    4 Bunnies in 1 Cage--very concerned. Help.

    Hi everyone, I need your help, don't let the lengthy post scare you away. We all know it's the worst time of the year for bunnies--Easter. My cousin who lives in MI (i'm in NJ) told me she wanted to get a bunny. I thought it was great because she's very good with animals, would treat them...
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    Eye Infection? Picture Included

    It appears Luna has a bit of eye "gook" around her right eye. Is this something to be concerned about? I made an appointment for the vet just in case but I want to hear you guys' opinions: Photo is upside down IDK how to fix it but yeah... please help!
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    Poop Question -- with picture

    Hi there, I have noticed that Pup's poop is tiny and dark, while Luna's is a bit bigger and light brown. They both eat lots and lots of hay. The only thing is, Luna drinks much more than Pup. I feed them both cilantro, romaine lettuce, escarole, and some times parsley. Here is the pic...
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    She drinks A LOT...problem?

    thank you. last time i tried using a water bowl for her, she managed to not only knock it over but before that, got poop and bedding, and hay in there. so that's why i stuck with the water bottle!
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    She drinks A LOT...problem?

    Hey, Ever since I got Luna she has always been a big drinker (ha, sounds funny now that I type it out). She drinks much more than Pup, and I fill her water bottle up more often than his too. The thing is, she's had a big thirst ever since I got her, so it hasn't increased or anything. But...
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    My bun isn't chewing properly... - RIP

    WOW That is terrible. I am so so sorry for you and for her. 7 months is way too soon to go :( At least she is not suffering anymore and hopefully she is munching on dozens of dandelions over the Rainbow Bridge. xoxo
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    Pink Eye X(

    I've had a sore throat for a week :( ! Yesterday it seems I have developed pink eye in my right eye. Lucky me...Anyway, with out realizing, I touched the corners of Luna's eye earlier today (like I do everyday when I see morning eye crust) and immediately realized I was touching my right...
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    Choking Rabbit

    What about food like lettuce, cilantro, etc...? I don't feed him pellets anymore. And I will try to post a video later on.
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    Choking Rabbit

    Today there has been a death of a famous Continental Giant named Sheldon. His parents woke up to gurgling noises and realized he was choking on a piece of hay. They did everything they could but it was too far lodged in his throat. It is horribly sad. My rabbit, Pup, is a very fast eater and...
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    Not eating/pooping -- worried!

    Yeah that's what I was thinking--like I feel like she'd be less scared at home but I'd rather leave her there because I'm sure they know what they are doing. It just sucks because I can't see her so I don't know exactly what is going on. :(
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    Not eating/pooping -- worried!

    Hi so Luna got spayed yesterday and she was kept overnight at the vets. They told me to come around 9:30am today to pick her up but when I went they said she isn't eating and pooping as much as they like so they want to keep her until 6 today to keep giving her doses of meds for pain and to help...
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    flying internationally with rabbit from Italy to the!

    I feel like flying the rabbit with cargo would be extra stressful. I think flying in general would be stressful too. But the best of luck to you guys and please update us and let us know how your baby does <3
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    Please Help-Loud Gurgling!

    How is he doing?
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    So afraid of my bun getting spayed. HELP

    Hi everyone, so I finally made an appointment for Nov 18th for Luna to get spayed. I spoke on the phone with the receptionist and she told me that I will drop Luna off in the morning and she will get the exam and then surgery where they will keep her overnight. She also told me that she will be...
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    Your nick-names!

    I have a lot tooooo my name is pup but my mom calls me puppard, booty boy, and so many more i 4get! luna is called miss tuna, looney bird, and fruna (rhymes w luna) my mom is so weird!!!!! just call me by pup!!!