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    Rabbit litter help

    +1 for wood stove pellets. They're much cheaper, don't smell, and are so much easier to keep clean. I do sprinkle a bit of hay on top of the litter to make it easier on my bunnies feet.
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    Slippery Sofa vs. Rambunctious Rabbit

    I've found these rubbery, slip resistant drawer liners from the dollar store to be great for all kinds of bunny surfaces. They're very thin and easy to wrap around objects. They may be similar to this:
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    Rexy the rex

    Adorable! Congrats to the whole family! Is that a classic rex look? My bunny looks similar - - and is also an enthusiastic clothing rearranger, especially in the winter. 😁(She has to have her own blankie or she would destroy the couch.)
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    Found a rabbit. Could really use help identifying.

    It looks like a super cute (!) domestic rabbit to me! I can't imagine any wild rabbit allowing you to handle it that way. Quite adorable.
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    Outdoor Cages... post your photo

    That's so cool! What lucky bunnies!!!
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    What do ya'll use for bedding?

    My bunny is indoors, and I used to use CareFresh but now realize it was a complete waste of time and money. It was so much work to clean the cage! I now use nothing and my bunny is just as happy.
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    Rabbit’s Testicles are Large

    Very cute bunny! He reminds me of Tanuki - the raccoon dogs that are a fertility symbol in Japan. Tanuki the Tipsy Trickster: Why a Well-Endowed Raccoon Dog Is Big in Japan - Atlas Obscura
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    Had to say goodbye to my Cosmo this morning.

    I'm so so sorry to hear that! Sounds like he was very lucky to have you, and you him. ❤️
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    The finale rest for Odin

    What a lovely drawing. It's a very nice tribute.
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    Litter training is going nowhere!

    The one thing I'd add to other folks' suggestions is to replace her litter box with a higher-walled one. I thought my bunny was using the entire cage as a litter box until I replaced her litter pan with a 5-6" tall dish pan. It turned out that with a typical size litter box she was hanging her...
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    Hello, new with an unusual situation

    That's great news! 😍
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    Outdoor housing and stoats.

    Asking the bunny experts: Could an encounter with a predator - even one that's outside the cage - give a bunny a heart attack? I've only had indoor bunnies, but I think that's what would worry me most about having my bunny outdoors overnight.
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    Abby Crosses Rainbow Bridge.

    Aw, may she rest in peace.
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    Outdoor housing and stoats.

    It sounds like your new open-plan space will present some challenges to cohabitating with a bunny. And that's only a hypothetical bunny - - not a specific one with its own quirks, temperament, and needs. Whatever you decide, definitely be sure your rabbit is vaccinated against RHDV.
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    Hello, new with an unusual situation

    That's very sad. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's wonderful that you can make room in your family for his bunny.