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    Could my indoor bunny have fleas???

    Thanks for the advice, friends. One more question: I'm a little unsure about how to use diatomaceous earth. Would I sprinkle it on my carpets? I really don't want to harm my rabbit. I've been cleaning and laundering like crazy and I'm going to call my vet on Monday about Revolution.
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    Could my indoor bunny have fleas???

    OK, I took a closer look and the little flying bugs are definitely in her hay box. 😰 Going to clean it out now and will put her plush friend in the washing machine on the sanitize cycle.
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    Could my indoor bunny have fleas???

    Thanks for the interesting article, @JBun. We don't have any other pets which is why I'm so surprised. The good news is that I don't see any fleas on our rabbit, so maybe a very thorough cleaning of her cage and roaming area will take care of it. There are lots of carpets and upholstery to...
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    Could my indoor bunny have fleas???

    I just noticed what looks like fleas on my bunny's stuffed animal friend who we keep in her cage. Is it possible for an indoor rabbit to get fleas? I have been getting a lot of weird bites this summer and now I'm wondering if I'm getting them indoors. I'd appreciate suggestions on how to make a...
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    Extreme Heat Wave.

    I bought these large, slim ice packs from Amazon that I freeze and put a towel over. They're large but very thin so they freeze very quickly and take up almost no space in your freezer. Honestly, my bunny doesn't seem to want to lie on them, but it makes me feel better that she has the option...
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    AC temperature for bunnies

    We've already had a few very hot days (88-90) and I was surprised by how totally energetic and comfortable my rabbit seemed. (She's a Rex.) I personally was roasting! Just to be on the safe side I set the a/c thermostat to 85 when I went to sleep at night.
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    I think my indoor bunny was spooked by skunk smell.

    If it happens again I may try a window fan turned to draw air out of the house. I didn't smell a thing and I have an acute sense of smell so maybe it was a sound. All I know is that by the time I got downstairs I couldn't find evidence of anything but she was definitely still reacting to...
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    I think my indoor bunny was spooked by skunk smell.

    Last night my daughter woke me up to tell me that our bunny was thumping like crazy, which is very out of character. I came downstairs and she looked terrified. She was thumping, hyperalert, and breathing heavily. Occasionally she would take a few steps toward one side of the room and then slink...
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    What to do about the smell

    Hmmm, my bunny's cage gets a bit stinky too. I've been using yesterday's news in a thin layer and haven't tried wood pellets. Anyone have recommendations for rabbit safe, affordable wood pellet sources?
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    Can bunny's drink tea?

    I drink peppermint tea at night (just mint, not flavored black tea). Sometimes I share mine with my bunny after it cools and she loves it.
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    Bunny cage - Room for improvement?

    Just wanted to give you all an update. Bunny and I had a slumber party so I could see how she did at night with her cage open. Neither of us slept much because she was pretty active, so last week I stopped closing her cage at night. I also got a bunny cam and I feel more comfortable now that I...
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    can rabbits eat dried strawberries?

    I give my bunny 2-3 baby carrots or an apple slice when she gets into her cage at night.
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    can rabbits eat dried strawberries?

    How do you keep from eating them all yourself? 😄
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    Sudden death

    I'm so so sorry for your loss. You gave him a wonderful life and a wonderful home. It is devastating to feel that we failed to protect a creature in our care, but you did your very, very best. Rabbits can live a long time but there are also risks that we can't control. Where I live vaccines for...