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    EMERGENCY -Please Help

    Keep an eye on that splint, and beware of any damage/pressure it may be putting on the toes or the knee joint. When do you change the splint next? If it wearing on any bit of her skin, pack it with extra loose hair from the other rabbits to cushion. I'd suggest you keep her until she is fully...
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    serious behaviour issue

    The wood pellets are usually available at hardware/outdoor stores. They are used for wood stoves, as well as horse stall bedding.
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    Film over Ivy's eye

    Update? Did you call the vet and ask for over-the-phone assistance?
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    Sleepy Bun or Dazed?

    Agreed, cut back the treats significantly. Otherwise, you will never be able to tell whether she just isn't interested in the treat, or she is actually sick. Rabbits shouldn't have more than a tablespoon or two of fruit in a day, due to the high sugar content (causing obesity in the long run)...
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    Eye Problems; Pink Eye?

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    serious behaviour issue

    Agreed, a neutering is the first step if he has not already been snipped. Catlitter isn't a great choice for rabbits from a health standpoint - they do far better on kiln-dried wooden stove pellets, or aspen litter. Cedar and pine litter should be avoided, as urine reacts badly with compounds...
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    Sleepy Bun or Dazed?

    Glad to see you've got cecals! To help you figure out how your rabbit is feeling, some people choose to offer their buns a very special treat once in the morning, and once at night (12 hours). For my guys, it is a single Craisin. They only get 1 in the AM, and 1 before bed. If they don't go...
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    baby cottontails

    Take them to a wildlife rehabber in your area. Cottontails are notoriously hard to work with. They stand a much better chance if you can get them to a rehabber with experience.
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    Help - Newborn kits, mother just passed away. - RIP

    TinysMom, one of our longtime moderators, wrote this supplemental feeding guide; hope it helps you and Hope! It is stickied at the top of the Rabbitry
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    Bun identifier

    Agreed, Rex all the way - now, Rex or Mini-Rex might remain to be seen ;)
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    Things that only a rabbit owner could love...

    .... the way they save you from OH SO DANGEROUS WIRES! "Here, let me get that for you Mom!" *phone charger dies* um, thanks bunner...
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    Need to reintroduce veggies after long absence?

    I would suggest that you do the gradual reintroduction of vegetables, albeit at a slightly faster rate. Introduce a new veg every 3-4 days until they are back up at the regular levels... better safe than sorry (and avoid an expensive vet visit to boot!)
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    Bonding not going so well ~ need some advice

    Spay and Neuter of everyone involved will make things go far more smoothly. Typically, the easiest bond is male w female, followed by female/female, and then male/male. Trios can be very hard to establish, and are prone to breaking. Quads are even more challenging. You are in the same...
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    Bunny is shaking but flopped?

    Can you take a video, upload to youtube, and link it here?
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    Anyone Exclusively Use Hay Cubes?

    One of the features of regular hay is the long stemmy pieces, which go towards keeping your rabbit's teeth worn down to a healthy length. If your rabbit isn't a heavy chewer of other items, sticks, cardboard, etc., I'd be even more concerned about the loss of "stemmy" hay from their diet for the...