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    Goodbye for now

    I will not be on the forums anymore. With Mopsy gone it is just too difficult. And life is just too messy right now. I am sorry to all in the card exchange that I did not send out my cards. With the death of my grandfather I just could not get much in the mood this year. I will...
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    Holiday Card Swap 2012

    I will getting my cards out as soon as I can. Sorry all. Things here have gone just haywire. First grandpa passes away, then we lose Mopsy. Then the dryer starts acting up. Then the car starts acting up and needs work. And now our one dog is going bald and no idea why. Oh ya and...
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    Who has outside dogs?

    It does sound as if it is arthritis or some other pain related issued. That being said it is never a good idea to allow children to pull on, climb on or lay on a dog. I know that many dogs put up with it but it just leaves too much of a chance for one quick mistake to leave a child scarred and...
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    RIP Mopsy Bunny

    Thank you all. He is buried out in the back yard under the woodpile. My husband and sons moved a face cord of wood at 10pm last night and buried him at a lovely spot there. And then carefully stacked the wood back on top so that no animals (we live out in the country) could do anything to...
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    RIP Mopsy Bunny

    RIP Mopsy Bunny. 2004-2012. You will be missed baby.
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    Holiday Card Swap 2012

    Count me in :) Do you still have my address from last year or do you need it again? Amy
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    Going to Israel

    My in-laws went there several years ago. And they said that it is a beautiful country but there was an underlying feeling of fear the whole time they were there. They said to stay out of the areas that you are told to stay out of and follow the directions that you are given and you will be...
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    leaf mi hairrs a loan

    I no likes duh fluff pull needers. I kixt the brusher thing. And I thumpz and bitez if mommy tries to pull. She sayz too badz hold still, but nope. I go to my sekund lebel in my house and she cant getz me there!!!
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    What do you read?

    Paige try this one out. It's young adult fiction. I happen to personally know the author. He wrote it starting at age 14y/o and finished at 16y/o. He is now 18 :) It's gotten good reviews.
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    OH gals if you think male PMS is bad...just WAIT till you experience Male Menopause ROFL :)
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    How can people move house and leave their animals behind

    Sadly when people are desperate they do some very desperate and often stupid things. Desperation leads people to not think. When you are losing your home and there are no rentals in your area that allow pets (all too common here in Illinois) you have no choice but to rehome them. If its a...
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    Tell Me Your 3 Favorite Books

    Twilight Series, Hunger Games Series, and of course Calibur: The Monster
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    I just don't believe it!!!! What is going on?

    Ok everyone...Mopsy here...I stole mommy's puter. Like Mommy says....if you can't say somethin nice don't say nuttin at all. And us bunnies were having a chat in our special room and you hoomins are NOT alloweded. So if ya can't talk nice then ya can't talk in our room...GOT IT...
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    Will work for food?'s probably illegal. She can probably go to her local department of labor and deal with them. When they hired her did they discuss wages? Also if they are paying her with a sandwich.....really the worth of that sandwich will still be less than minimum wage for one hour. I...
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    mommy plucked me...

    My mommy does the same thing. But heres what ya do. Sit there and close your eyes and be really really still and make your mommy think you like it so much that you fell asleep. Then when she's not paying attention snap and bite. Mommy squeals and yells naughty but at least she stops...