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    Is it possible to have too much salad?

    Our hoomins let us have salad leaves sometimes (not lettuce) and we think they are the bestest. However hoomins say we can't have too much as we will get fat bunnies. But hoomins eat salad to lose weight, so we think that if the hoomins are concerned about our weight they should let us have more...
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    UK vet list regularly updated

    Hi; I wondered if you could give an idea as to the criteria for inclusion? The only vet on your list that is near me doesn't ake any mention of bunnies on its website, so I was wondering why you chose it. Do you include ones which didn't meet the criteria anywhere as well? It would be good to...
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    Bunny has started peeing on me; help!

    Hi; newbie here - can anyone help? We have 2 housebunnies; Toffee (2YO female dwarf lop) and Bilbo (2YO Netherland Dwarf rescue bunny). We’ve had Toffee since 6 weeks and Bilbo for a year and they are happy, well-bonded bunnies. I do all the feeding, cleaning etc. Naturally that means my...