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    My rabbit attacked me..

    Soo sweet looking though. Don't worry too much just keep sitting with her and being in her company. Keep tabs on when she lunges or grunts because there could be some underlying issue going on. That being said, neither of my buns like to be held and my lionhead doesn't even allow me to pet him...
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    My rabbit attacked me..

    Wow interesting.. well I'm out if ideas 🤷‍♀️☺️
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    My rabbit attacked me..

    Is she spayed? If not is the bunny she was with a few days ago? Any chance of pregnancy? My lop did this to my dad last night and nipped at him, bit I think it's because she didn't like what he was doing. He doesn't know bunnies and so in turn doesn't know how to play with her. I noticed she...
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    Rabbit is not very nice! PLEASE HELP ASAP!

    Ohh Xalyrose, you have NO IDEA how relieved I am to hear this all 🥰 I have attached photos of my little fella and of his young (1 &1/2 now)wifey He's a little goofball and I love him soooo very much. Sadly when I got him he had been neglected and abused and left to fend for himself at 6ish...
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    Duck tape to discourage chewing?

    I have a wood ladder in my place that goes up to my bed loft that I don't want my buns to ruin, so I went to a dollar store and got some table placemats to wrap around the legs and tape stripped secure. So far they haven't bothered, so maybe that's the answer for you too.
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    Territorial Poops or Accidents?

    My little lionhead was brought to me at approximately 6-8 months old after a pair of wonderful bunny lovers went and wrangled him up to safety after finding his owner and hearing the story of why he was out on the street. Not any way for a bun to begin life 😥🤬 and I am beyond thankful that they...
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    I would LOVE any PHOTOS or IDEAS for housing TWO unbonded buns?

    I sure hope you can find a workable solution so both buns can stay with you ❤️
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    I would LOVE any PHOTOS or IDEAS for housing TWO unbonded buns?

    @K1marie I want to get these from Amazon so I can foster if needed 🥰💞 but they're always sold out when I go to purchase. Many rescues I follow use them. Maybe they could be what you need. https://www.amazon.ca/SONGMICS-Playpen-Exercise-Enclosure-Transparent/dp/B07Q5Y5FQ3 I hope you keep your...
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    I would LOVE any PHOTOS or IDEAS for housing TWO unbonded buns?

    Ohh I see. Boys are a bit harder I hear. I used an expen to "quarentine". And while one was out the other would be in the pen. They'd run around the pen, smelling at eachother and getting used to each other that way. Then after a week or two of this, i introduced them without the pen. Sure...
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    Does anyone know what this is?

    It almost looks like a pellet shot to me actually 😳 Maybe a ringworm if bun doesn't go outdoors.. Soo weird and I'm sorry this is happening to your bun ❤️
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    I would LOVE any PHOTOS or IDEAS for housing TWO unbonded buns?

    Out of curiosity, what have you tried to "bond" them? Are they fixed? Both same sex (forgive me for not knowing from your description)? If you absolutely can not have them together (my questions above will help me give ideas) then I'd suggest small expens side by side with about 6 inches from...
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    British Columbia Rabbit Savvy Vets

    I give a high recommendation to Dr. Dilbag Rana of Apex Animal Hospital in Langley. He also does overnights at Abbotsford's animal emergency clinic. He is one of Rabbitat's (bunny rescue out of Richmond) main vets and does many spays and neuter for them. He is fabulous with my timid buns. Apex...
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    Is he catching a cold?

    Odd situation I'm in.. my little fella looks normal too, but a week or so ago he started doing about 4 sneeze type sounds every 4 days. When I went to look at him I noticed this on the ground 😲 like a good parent, I "examined" it and found it had one of his hairs in it and that stringy thing...
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    Lionheads and Hay

    Thank you 🥰 He has come a long way and we are slowly moving into actual grooming time, him and I. He does get a groomer come in every month and a half to do nails and shaved his hinds. Due to his beginning of life, I never want him to be fearful of me so I have gone slow with him, given him the...
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    Lionheads and Hay

    Thank you 🥰 his young 1 1/2yr old lop wifey is just as adorably cute 🤣 Then I got a huge 24lb fat fluffy fuzzer feline to protect them. I do buy hay in bale as well because it lasts me a few months but then he gets these stuck in his fur, so I can't win 🤷‍♀️