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    Help - Babies badly injured **

    Definitely a hard choice for sure. I honestly couldn't do it :(
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    Help - Babies badly injured **

    My heart is breaking for you💔. Maybe get a blanket to put around the nest to build it up? I'm almost thinking you may have to speak to your vet again and ask about alternatives like bottle feeding kitten milk to the surviving babies. You're in a good place here. Please don't be hard on you...
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    Best chord protectors? Bunny proofing tips?

    I simply use wrapping paper rolls. That way I can hide the cord and hear if the buns are chewing on them
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    Post OP feeding

    @Kamibuns The hay cuts soaked in water, I'd say change it every 2 hrs to keep it as fresh to the dry taste as possible. So only do a bit at a time. I actually have a bush in my yard, but usually find them in alleys, along trails, train tracks (although I don't use those due to the oil and...
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    Post OP feeding

    @Kamibuns you will find a wealth of info here, so welcome. I feel the exact same way with my buns. I am always so fearful to force-feed and have only had to do it to my last girl. I'd try romaine lettuce, dill maybe some black berry leaves (helps with pain) Make him some chamomile tea to...
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    I need help to make my rabbit to drink water

    @Neshia i don't get out a lot, so I do a foraging of items for my buns to chew on around my home like: apple tree sticks (you can wrap them into a wreath or just give as sticks or toy to make: putting sticks through toilet paper rolls for them to jump over for exercise and a treat), blackberry...
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    Willow went over the rainbow

    I am ohh so saddened for your heart. I know the abrupt passing of my girl 3 years ago devastated me so bad, I could only imagine more during the same time. Please have peace in your grief by holding onto the memories in your mind💞
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    My rabbit attacked me..

    Soo sweet looking though. Don't worry too much just keep sitting with her and being in her company. Keep tabs on when she lunges or grunts because there could be some underlying issue going on. That being said, neither of my buns like to be held and my lionhead doesn't even allow me to pet him...
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    My rabbit attacked me..

    Wow interesting.. well I'm out if ideas 🤷‍♀️☺️
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    My rabbit attacked me..

    Is she spayed? If not is the bunny she was with a few days ago? Any chance of pregnancy? My lop did this to my dad last night and nipped at him, bit I think it's because she didn't like what he was doing. He doesn't know bunnies and so in turn doesn't know how to play with her. I noticed she...
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    Rabbit is not very nice! PLEASE HELP ASAP!

    Ohh Xalyrose, you have NO IDEA how relieved I am to hear this all 🥰 I have attached photos of my little fella and of his young (1 &1/2 now)wifey He's a little goofball and I love him soooo very much. Sadly when I got him he had been neglected and abused and left to fend for himself at 6ish...
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    Duck tape to discourage chewing?

    I have a wood ladder in my place that goes up to my bed loft that I don't want my buns to ruin, so I went to a dollar store and got some table placemats to wrap around the legs and tape stripped secure. So far they haven't bothered, so maybe that's the answer for you too.
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    Territorial Poops or Accidents?

    My little lionhead was brought to me at approximately 6-8 months old after a pair of wonderful bunny lovers went and wrangled him up to safety after finding his owner and hearing the story of why he was out on the street. Not any way for a bun to begin life 😥🤬 and I am beyond thankful that they...
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    I would LOVE any PHOTOS or IDEAS for housing TWO unbonded buns?

    I sure hope you can find a workable solution so both buns can stay with you ❤️
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    I would LOVE any PHOTOS or IDEAS for housing TWO unbonded buns?

    @K1marie I want to get these from Amazon so I can foster if needed 🥰💞 but they're always sold out when I go to purchase. Many rescues I follow use them. Maybe they could be what you need. I hope you keep your...