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    Rabbit Pet of the Year

    aww he is so cute !
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    Bunny has wet fur?

    Hmm not sure on the wet fur! Perhaps his water bottle is leaking or his water bowl was tipped; as long as it doesn’t look green, or red and irritated I believe he is fine!
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    Just asking about the forum…

    Hello! Was wondering if anyone knows how to change my username and delete my old posts?
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    Quick help needed! Toy ball ID

    Hello! I’ve found a ball that Milo rlly likes, the problem is i dnt know what it’s called! Please may u help me! I bought it from a toy set which I don’t want to repurchase since it’s quite pricey. Here’s some images of what it looks like…pls tell me the name of this :
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    Please put rabbit etsy shops here!

    Could u link them?
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    Please put rabbit etsy shops here!

    Hiya! Me and Milo and most of the rabbit community believe that small businesses are better than the big! We rlly love supporting them xx could u guys link ur favs? These shops could sell anything bunny! 🧡
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    Quick grooming help

    Hi all! gonna brush Milo for the first time soon, do u guys have any advice, im rlly nervous!?
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    New Bunny Owner

    Hello, unlimited pellets is not a healthy diet and could lead to health issues. Pls only give 1/4 cup :)
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    Please help there something wrong with my baby bunny's ears

    Hope ur rabbit gets better 🧡🧡
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    How many cups of veggies should I feed to my rabbit?

    W Give him his food whenever it works best for you!
  12. MiloTheBunny101

    Please help there something wrong with my baby bunny's ears

    Hi. I think your rabbit may have ear mites the poor little bunny! I recommend visiting a local vet asap as ear mite can spread! The vet then will give you a treatment! hope all goes well xx
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    what type of pellets should I buy for my rabbit?

    Alright so now that your rabbit is turning into an adult! I recommend to start giving him Timothy pellets, perhaps once your alfalfa has run out! Adults should have 1/8 cup of pellets every day and you can mix this with his food. How much does your rabbits weigh? You should feed at least 2 cups...