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    How can I trim my bun's nails?!

    You can try to sit down and then do it with him in a towel. Or you can research a bunch (Websites below!) or you can take him to your local vet and have them do it for you. Mine does it for free.
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    Best litter for bunnies

    I use shredded newspaper. Put yesterday's newspaper to use! :upsidedown:
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    How many rabbit(s) did you buy or adopt this year ?(in 2012)

    I got Oliver and Angel (Angel died, RIP). My brother got their sister Bethany though. So two. My Holland Lop baby! :biggrin2:
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    Hardest Decision. Please help!

    I think you should start asking around and in the meantime start getting him seen by a vet. Its super hard to let a rabbit go. We love them but I think its for the best if you let someone who would have the time and everything for him. Maybe you can try getting him neutered and get him a bunny...
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    Do you hold/pick up your buns??

    Oliver is still young so I'm working with him. I can only hold/carry him a certain way or he starts flipping out!
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    How long should I play with my bunny??

    I was sitting down on the computer and he was on my lap. He seemed okay actually. He was warm and happy. I carried him for awhile (I have a special way of carrying him that he doesn't mind) and I sat down again and talked to him.
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    How long should I play with my bunny??

    Oliver is my 3&1/2 Holland Lop and today I tried to bond with him because I haven't actually done so in awhile. How long should I keep him inside playing with me? Thanks everybunny! (:
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    Ways To Keep Rabbits Warm??

    I have 2 Holland Lops who are 15 weeks old. OTHER then bringing them in, what are ways to keep my rabbits warm? I have them covered up with blankets and some hay to nest in.