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    Bunny birthday presents :P

    Pets at home?? Or Scampers or Scotsdales :)
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    Are two tier hutches okay for breeding?

    Hi, they should be fine. The kits can’t move much until they are 2-3 weeks old and they should be able to go down the ramp then. How steep is it? Just do what you think is best as we can’t see your setup but they should be fine!
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    How heavy for a mini lop doe?

    She’s a medium size, she weighs 2kg should I put her on a diet do you think? I know it’s 1/4 of a cup of pellets a day but should I feed just under that?
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    How heavy for a mini lop doe?

    Thank you! She’s 11 months old and weighs 2037g her vulva is small but pinky red. I am going to retry in 3/4 days
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    Breeding an unwilling doe advice!

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    How heavy for a mini lop doe?

    Hi all, I’ve got a mini lop doe and she hasn’t been receptive to any breeding recently and I am worried it’s because she is overweight... what weight are they aupposed to be and is there any way I can make her more receptive to breeding? Thanks all
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    Ted the Tyrant

    So sweet!!! 😍😍
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    Flemish giant

    I know the feeling :( virgin does are really difficult to get pregnant, don’t give up though!! Normally by try 3 you’ll have some kits 💗:)
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    Young female Lionhead needs a new home- Illinois

    Where are you based?
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    Help me with my newborn baby bunny colors...

    Hi, from what it looks like, it seems that there is one broken blue/black (really hard to tell when they are that young) and a black with a light perhaps white or grey strip down its back! How adorable, hope all is good with them
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    Me and Misty Moon

    So adorable!
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    Flemish giant

    Hi, sorry that your query hasn’t been answered so long. First time moms sometimes don’t pull fur until the very last minute but if you only managed to get one fall off then the chances are that she may not be pregnant. Did you have any kits as it is now day 38?
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    My bunny died r.i.p mark

    I’m so sorry :(
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    Breeding an unwilling doe advice!

    Hi all, I’ve got a two proven bucks and a new unproven doe. A few days ago I tried breeding her with one of my bucks but she wasn’t lifting at all and almost attacked him. I wasn’t sure why as I had done everything right and I’ve bred rabbits before but never had something like this. I put her...
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    When to spay a rabbit?

    That’s perfect actually, Newmarket vets4pets is my local one. I am about to phone and book her in. Thanks for all the advice!