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    What breed is he?

    Yeah he is a mini lop
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    Do you have a preferred age to breed Hollands?

    Bucks it doesn't matter as much as does. Because bucks aren't the ones that are carrying the babies. the doe can be bred at 6 months old, she is ok as long as she is fully grown and can handle carrying a litter. Don't quote me on any of this because I don't breed much. My first litter is due...
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    4H show bunny?

    Okay, thanks I can't view the tort rabbit that well because the picture won't load for me. But this helped a lot thank you.
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    4H show bunny?

    @SableSteel I'm not an expert but does it look like the orange doe might have a slip crown? I'm trying to look at rabbits and find dqs on them because thats kind of the point I am right now in 4h I have to learn dqs and what a proper rabbit looks like and right now I am focusing on Holland Lops...
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    4H show bunny?

    Color faults in holland's aren't that important. I would say that the orange doe you were looking t has a good color idk about the ears if that would be a dq or not(as in the color difference) I only have 1 solid rabbit and she is a sable not an orange so idk. But I believe she has a slip crown...
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    Is humping bad???

    its just showing who is dominant rabbit it has nothing to do with being fixed
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    Is a broken tooth a permanent dq?

    I would just say to give your rabbit plenty things to chew on so that if it is sharp it can ware down before it gets uncomfortable for your rabbit to chew
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    Where can I buy extra x-pen panels?

    I just look on amazon for my rabbit stuff and I came across this If you just buy a bunch of these pannels and set up as big or as small as you want? I have never used these for long so I don't know how strong they are but I guess its worth a try
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    Rabbit Enrichment

    My rabbits have never really been into toys so I have always given my rabbits apple sticks from my apple trees. I found that rabbits don't tend to enjoy those small ones you can get from kaytee they would prefer bigger ones and it entertains them much much longer then those little ones. I try to...
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    Teeth Trimming: File or Electric Drill?

    Most people don't file down their rabbits teeth so thats probably why you can't find any info on it. If you really need to people go to the vet. But in the future you can give your rabbit apple sticks and they will chew off the bark and that should keep their teeth down and entertain them.
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    Help! My rabbit just did something extremely weird

    It just sounds like he didn't want to come inside. My outdoor rabbits will start running if they are outside and I come by and its not their feeding time. Because they know better and want to stay outside.
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    Please help, I'm running out of ideas.

    I don't think it would be bad enough for the police to arrest someone or for the shelter to step in. Some people just raise their own meat. I get it but he doesn't have any water? Rabbit or anything living in that matter need water. I don't think he would live long without water. Are you sure it...
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    Lumps on rabbit

    being the age he is it could be cancer, I would take him to the vet or even ask maybe your vet will come out to you possibly so he doesn't get as stressed out. But you would rather stress him out and know what it is then let him stay in the pain he is probably in. I don't think it is anything...
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    Pregnant or not?!

    Just try your best to make sure she doesn't use the nest box as a litter box lol, don't want her pooping on her babies. If she starts using it as a litter box then I don't know what to do? Maybe someone else does?
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    Post spay surgery issue

    I don't know how you would put it on her belly but I guess its worth a shot :)