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    Crazy bunny lady

    We think being a bunny person is perfectly normal. It's the other people who don't know what they're missing.
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    More trouble :(

    Yes. a probiotic is a must, as it restores the good bacteria that the antibiotic indiscriminately kills off. You can use benebac or something made for humans, as long a it contains probiotic strains that work in the intestines, not just in the stomach.
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    plants to plant

    I find wheat grass is easy to grow, basically just like regular grass except it needs replanting from time to time. I got my wheat berries from a health food store; you can get 1-2 lbs online etc
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    Mila's First Vacation

    You may find she doesn't want to eat or drink anything while the car is moving, so be prepared for some stops.
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    Are my rabbits teeth ok?

    Maybe slightly, but I really can't tell. If he's eating ok, take another picture in a couple weeks & compare with this one.
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    How long till she accepts us?

    It may be a slow process or she may come around sooner. But I don't think it's surprising she didn't settle in immediately. Things are suddenly different & she doesn't know why.
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    Can rabbits get salmonella from turtles?

    I have no idea. I remember someone posting a picture of their rabbits together with a turtle or 2, but that doesn't prove that it's safe for them to be together. I think you are right to be cautious.
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    He goes "oof oof oof"

    Or you could slowly switch to the oatmeal rather than the granola, but maybe a total of a teaspoon or 2 spread out over a week, with such a small rabbit. I add a pinch at a time to the pellets.
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    Giving off an odor?

    I don't know about the seizure, but for the smelly anal glands, it might help to clean them out periodically using damp q-tips. I;m sure if you search the topic there will be specifics on it.
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    Hi (:

    Hello & welcome. Using the library section & the search feature will answer some of your questions & we'll try to answer any you still have.
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    Moss not eating

    I'm glad he's better. It's always a good idea to get simethicone drops etc to have on hand just in case they're ever needed.
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    Should I get a playmate for my 3-month-old bun?

    It's too bad that there are no rescue/shelter places there for rabbits. The best way to get a 2nd rabbit is to have your spayed rabbit meet other neutered rabbits & find out who might be compatible. Many shelters/rescues in the US etc have such meetings.
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    Moss not eating

    Is he eating hay ok? Does he feel like he might have gas?
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    Bit late but HELLO!

    Once her hormones hit, you probably will be eager for the spaying, lol.