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    2019 Cages - add your photo!

    My rabbitry revamped and empty after our Christmas Eve tragedy. Looking for more angoras to fill the space.
  2. Kristy A Williams

    Free roaming?

    Thanks it took me a week to clean the room and get ready for new bunnies, cried most of the time. My boys were so sweet✝️
  3. Kristy A Williams

    Free roaming?

    Be wary, I lost my beautiful angora boys to my dogs Christmas Eve. Make sure your dogs can’t push their way into your habitats or play areas. I’m still devestated and actually considered surrendering the dogs. Dogs will be dogs and bunnies are prey. Hard lesson to learn
  4. Kristy A Williams

    Tunnels and hides

    I use cat tunnels and woven grass huts and found a slipper shape that fits my giant german
  5. Kristy A Williams

    Help, my Mother in-law is coming and my bunny cage smells the house......

    I use people grade incontinent pads in their litter boxes and have noticed much less smell and I mop twice a week with my bissel cross weave with hot water and baking soda. It cleans up the smell nicely.
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    Need doe

    Looking for German giant doe for breeding. Have pedigree for my buck. He is REW and would like another REW to breed with. Only serious offers please and I will travel to pick her upMahalo
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    Angora fur urine stains

    Thanks so much for the suggestions, I have a garage I don’t use and can split them up that way. I’m still on the fence about getting them neutered as I do want to breed them. May be a solution for the future mahalo
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    Angora fur urine stains

    6 months, 2,2. The baby is neutered.
  9. Kristy A Williams

    Angora fur urine stains

    I have three angoras males and I free rom them inside with their own room. How do I keep them from staining their fur with urine? They have litter boxes that I change every two days, but they seem happier peeing everywhere same with pooping. Hard to harvest their fur when half is just plan yucky