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  1. J

    Bright green poops

    I hope so but going to get him checked out this week to be safe. Thank you so much for the help I appreciate you!!
  2. J

    Bright green poops

    His poop is typically brown so I guess color change just seemed alarming! The shape has gone back to normal- less oval but color is still different than usual. The nearest emergency vet is very far so just wanted to see if it was something of immediate concern. But plan to take him to vet on...
  3. J

    Bright green poops

    Thank you! I attached a photo of what it looks like
  4. J

    Bright green poops

    My bunny suddenly has bright green poop. It’s hard and s seems more oval shaped than round. It seems to have just been happening a day so I’m not sure if there is something wrong or if it’s just something temporary/not harmful passing. he has constant fresh hay and water, and feed him a very...
  5. J

    AC temperature for bunnies

    Hi! I have two rescue bunnies and one cat. I leave for working during the day, and sometimes will be gone for a night once in a while. I live in an older house so my electric bills can be very expensive in summer and winter. If I leave the AC on while I am gone what is the highest comfortable...
  6. J

    Picture's of your pets.

    My bunny Peanut and cat Pickles!
  7. J

    New cat- when will bunny stop marking territory?

    I have a 5/6 year old male neutered rabbit, who has previously be in households with cats and loves them. He has never had an accident outside of his litter box, but recently I brought a new kitten home (also neutered makeand he is pooping and peeing everywhere. He is humping the cat also, but...