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    Flemmish Giant Inquiry. Any info helpful

    There is a breeder near me. I wanted to rescue but they seem to be in short supply here. I am 100% pro neuter/spay if at least for the sake of health and reducing cancers and other health complications. Thank you for the info :) its very helpful
  2. J

    baseboard protection

    how have you protected your baseboards from bunny nibbles?
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    Flemmish Giant Inquiry. Any info helpful

    looking into getting a flemmish giant, but not sure what to expect about behavior. Ive had a lionhead, a dwarf, and a rex in the past. One was agressive, one was destructive, and one was just like a cat... My question is, with flemmish giants being so big, what can I expect in terms of...
  4. J

    Best flooring, open bottom cage, litter training?

    im preparing my house for a new bunny. I am in the midst of building a bunny palace for use when I am at work or when I am asleep (also for bunnys use when he wants his own "safe space"). Before i can free roam him or her, ill need to litter train. While litter training, what, in your...
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    In tears, 1st bunny and she just started hating me .

    You are doing great! Sounds like you are still bonded/bonding so don't worry. Let bunny come to you. Don't actively try to play with bunny. Simply grab your phone/a book/a game and lay down on your stomach and try to keep still. Even maybe put a small pile of pellets or hay near you/in front of...
  6. J

    Wild bunny garden! Suggestions and examples

    I'm moving into my first actual home (instead of an apartment) within a month. I would like to dedicate the side yard specifically to a wild bunny garden. I want to plant grasses and foods for them and plan to create a pond area (small shallow kids pool with a fountain probably) for water. Any...
  7. J

    Hidden litter box?

    I've always used open litter boxes. What are everyone's thoughts on the litter boxes that can be hidden away in furniture? Not sure if it would cause any sort of respiratory issues. I would be using the rolled paper litter and hay in the area, no wood shavings or anything like that.
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    New here, "Old" to rabbits

    Hello, my name is Jess. I do not currently have a bun, but I am looking to get one in the near future. I had one before, he was my fur baby, and I took him EVERYWHERE with me, to the point that I was known as "the bunny lady". Sadly he had passed on (i had adopted him at an older age). Since...
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    furniture - bunny compatibility

    I'm in the process of moving back out of my parent's house to a new location. the new location will allow me to have small pets, and I've decided to get a new bunny since my last boy I had (rest in peace) was a pet that I was best compatible with. HOWEVER! this time, I'll be having my own...