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    Bunny poops smaller than usual

    If the bonding is stressing him enough to cause reduced appetite and smaller poops, then yes I would take a break until his appetite and poop is pretty much back to normal. Pushing forward with the bonding isn't worth risking him going into GI stasis. Lots of good quality grass hay is usually...
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    My inexpereinced vet said our hotot has an inner ear issue - he has a severe head tilt. Looking for advice.

    You're welcome. Slight correction for the azithromycin, it's 200mg/per 5ml.
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    Eye Rinse/Cleansing Pads Recommendations

    Eye irritation can mean lots of things. You're going to need to be more specific. Is the eye weepy, does it have clear thin discharge or thick white discharge, discharge that is sticky and dries hard and crusty, is the for getting wet or sticky at the corner of the eye, is there any...
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    Is My Rabbit Savvy Vet Worth It?

    There are spay and neuter clinics around that sometimes also do rabbits, but I agree that it could be higher risk than going to a vet that is known to be rabbit knowledgeable. I almost lost a bun at a low cost clinic, then later had him neutered by a really knowledgeable rabbit vet with no...
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    My inexpereinced vet said our hotot has an inner ear issue - he has a severe head tilt. Looking for advice.

    There are two common causes of head tilt in rabbits. An inner/middle ear infection and the parasite e. cuniculi. Ear mites can be a contributor in minor cases, but aren't considered a primary cause of moderate to severe head tilt in rabbits. If your vet didn't do xrays to confirm an inner ear...
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    11yr old bunny with overgrown tumor...

    I haven't had to deal with a tumor, but have had an old bun with progressing health issues. It can be hard to know what to do when these health problems start to affect their mobility and eventually their quality of life. Because the tumor is affecting your buns mobility so dramatically, if...
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    Bunny scare acting strange, please help!

    She could be injured and in pain, and that's why she is lethargic and not eating well. Or if she isn't used to your boyfriends place, she could be feeling scared about being in a new place. Which ever it is, if she doesn't start eating more normally and/or her poops are getting very small or...
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    Should I stop feeding my bunny vegetables? - I'm worried about her droppings

    If you keep having excess cecotrope issues, it could possibly be the readigrass. It's higher in protein and lower in fiber than the medium growth grass hay that is most often fed to rabbits. 15% protein 21% fiber compared to approx. 7% protein and 32% fiber in a more mature growth of grass...
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    My rabbits foot is randomly bleeding??

    Most likely a toenail. Not usually a big deal, it happens quite often. If it's stopped bleeding, there's no rush to figure out where the bleeding came from. When she's had a chance to settle down, I would check all of the nails. If you find a broken one, I would just check it every day to...
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    how much should a giant conti weigh at 12 weeks?

    This is an old thread. Please start your own thread with your question. You are more likely to get the answer you need, and tacking a new post on an old thread can cause some confusion for people trying to answer.
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    Should I stop feeding my bunny vegetables? - I'm worried about her droppings

    If the cecals are fully formed(look like a blackberry cluster) when they first come out and haven't been stepped on and squished by your bun, and aren't semiformed and pasty, she could just be leaving a few because she is a baby still and easily distracted. Also being in a new home can distract...
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    Should I stop feeding my bunny vegetables? - I'm worried about her droppings

    Something to keep in mind when trying to sort out mushy cecal problems. Some rabbits develop it because new foods are introduced into their diet too quickly and so their gut bacteria didn't get enough of a gradual change to adapt to the new food. So restricting to free fed hay(plus a salt...
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    Is my bunny sick?

    If your bunny is still eating and behaving normally otherwise, the head laid down like that means your bunny would like to get head rubs, and it isn't tooth grinding from pain you are hearing, but tooth purring from enjoying being petted. Or sometimes they will also do it when they are napping.
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    Red bunny pee!

    Strawberries could make the urine look more orangish red from the plant pigments. Though if in doubt or if you see any signs of possible urinary issues like dribbling urine(small scattered spots), wet bum, straining to urinate, or bright red, pink, or streaks of blood in the urine, then phone...
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    Anus red and swollen

    I'm going to merge this thread with your original one. It's less confusing for others who might want to comment if all the subject matter concerning one topic is kept together in one thread. With the prolapse, one thing that could help and you could ask your vet about, is applying granulated...