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    Stasis help and tips PLEASE :(

    You can tell a difference if they have actual bloat. They act really sick and in pain, and pretty much seem like they are close to dying. She wouldn't want to be eating at all if she had true bloat. It takes some experience to tell yourself as you have to palpate the actual stomach(feels like...
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    Stasis help and tips PLEASE :(

    Did the vet say bloat or GI stasis? They're two completely different things with different treatments. True bloat is an actual emergency and your rabbit should have been kept at the vets for emergency intervention. If it was GI stasis, that can be from an upset stomach, or a variety of...
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    Any tips of movies you can watch?

    If you want an old classic movie without color about a giant rabbit, there's 'Harvey' with Jimmy Stewart. Though technically there isn't actually a rabbit in it since he's invisible/imaginary(take your pick). The netflix Lost in Space series is decent. I also liked Haven and Continuum(though...
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    Bunny not eating Cecotropes?

    It could be a bit of an upset stomach. If she isn't back to normal and eating well by morning I would take her to be seen by an experienced rabbit vet. Or if she's declined and is much worse tonight I would try and get her to an emergency vet that has experience with rabbits...
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    bunny REFUSES to eat rabbit food

    The only way to get him transitioned onto hay and rabbit food is to find a way to restrict access to the dog food. As long as he can get to it he will continue to try and eat it. Could you maybe only feed the dogs at certain times of the day then remove the food until the next feeding?
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    Thinking about moving inside for summer

    The increased mounting is due to the change of territory. Usually after rabbits have had time to settle in to their new space, the dominance behavior settles back down to normal levels. But with you bringing them in and out, it may not settle down, or it could take a while.
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    Baby update

    Usually overfeeding is only an issue when there is just one baby in the litter. Then sometimes they tend to overfeed and get super fat. As long as they can move themselves around with their legs it shouldn't be an issue. It's when their belly is so fat that they can't use their legs to move...
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    How to encorage bun to use second floor on hutch?

    Is the ramp slippery? If so, he may not want to go up it because he doesn't feel like his footing is sure.
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    rabbit not pooing

    Not yet. Because he didn't eat for a while and because of the surgery, everything slows down. But as long as he's eating well now it should all be moving again and at least by tonight or morning you should see some poop.
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    PLEASE HELP urgent question - big and mucus poops???

    As long as the little one is eating and pooping normally now, is gaining weight each day, and isn't feeling boney if he wasn't before or is starting to fill out if he was boney before, I would presume he's fine. It could just be that he was a runt in the litter.
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    PLEASE HELP urgent question - big and mucus poops???

    Is the one that had the mucousy poop the smaller one?
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    Bunny won’t eat after spay

    It really annoys me when vets don't send home pain medication, especially for spays. It's a major surgery. I would ask for meloxicam /metacam suspension to take home tomorrow. If there are any leafy greens she usually gets, I've had the best luck getting rabbits to eat those after surgery...
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    HELP ! Doe pulling fur excessively after pregnancy.

    Well there you go! It's amazing what a difference a couple of extra days in the mom's belly can make with their growth.
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    HELP ! Doe pulling fur excessively after pregnancy.

    Rabbits can rarely have babies a few days apart. They have two uterine horns and can have babies in both horns. Usually they all come out the same day, but I have read of very rare instances where one set was born,, then the person was surprised by more babies one or two days later. Just keep...
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    Slit in his ear

    It's likely to either be from the mom when your bun was just born(over grooming) or from another rabbit bite later on. Those are the most common reasons anyways.