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    Grain Free Pellets a Plus!

    That's perfect! I'm glad you found a pellet that's working well for him. He does look rather excited waiting for his meal 💕
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    Should I stay up?

    I would just make sure bun is acting normal before I went to bed, then check again first thing in the morning. Topping up with fresh hay to encourage more hay eating is never a bad idea either. Plus, that's a really big rabbit :) A bite of hot dog for a big bunny like that is going to be...
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    Small wound on rabbit’s ear

    I wouldn't wrap it. I would just make sure it stays clean(diluted betadine with 4 parts water if cleaning needed, with cotton wool or gauze, don't get in ear), maybe a very light layer of plain neosporin ointment(no added pain relief) applied a couple times a day for several days, then keep an...
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    Help!! My rabbit has a rash and it isn’t going away

    It sounds like your vet thought it could possibly be rabbit syphilis, treating with pen g. Were the shots given every 5-7 days for at least 3 weeks, and do you know if it was the long acting pen g procaine/benzathine? Did you see it make any difference? Has the vet ruled out a fungal...
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    Vet asking for social security number

    Just tell them you prefer not to give out that information and pay the bill before you leave their office. I've never given a vet my SS# or been asked for it. Nor would I feel comfortable providing it. Though a DL# I would feel more comfortable providing, as it just verifies your identity...
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    Out of my depth! Kit not getting enough milk

    I wouldn't recommend removing the fat baby, as with only two kits, mom should have plenty of milk to go around. I would try and hold the wrinkled kit up under her belly(carefully so it doesn't get kicked by the doe) while the doe is either being held gently but securely or while she is...
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    Keeping outsoor bunnies cool

    I would think a more open shed design would be better. In summer, you really need good airflow, day or night, and complete shade from the sun. I think that enclosed shed would just be too hot. And a vent on top won't really change that. If possible, I would go for a more open design for the...
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    New bunny has some eye discharge

    Part 1 This is a list of articles about digestive illnesses and the poop changes you will likely see with them. Some are common digestive illnesses with rabbits, some very rare. Be warned, some links contain graphic medical related photos Photo guide for poop changes...
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    New bunny has some eye discharge

    It can range from yellowish to orangish brown, to even a little red, depending on their diet and plant pigments affecting urine color. Slightly cloudy is just calcium sediment in the urine, which is normal unless it's thick and creamy, gel like, or pasty(indications of bladder sludge). Really...
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    Peeing everywhere part 2.

    Usually a neutered male won't be so excessive about territorial marking like this. So that is somewhat unusual, but every rabbit is different. Though if you haven't already, it might be worth checking that bum of his and making sure the neuter happened as it should and there aren't any...
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    I know it's healthy and good for her, but why does my rabbit eat 4x her size in hay?

    Yes, younger rabbits that are still growing, will eat more. Also pregnant and nursing rabbits. More active energetic rabbits and rabbits with a fast metabolism will most likely also eat more. If your rabbit is older and not growing anymore, I would say that if it was just a fact that she...
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    Lack of appetite and egg shaped poops

    You've probably already been to the vet, so I won't add any of those suggestions. Egg shaped poop can be a sign of megacolon if it's a regular ongoing thing. If it just happens once or only once in a while, then probably has to do with a gut disturbance, which is what this sounds like with...
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    New bunny has some eye discharge

    He is ridiculously cute! But I would know. I have a BEW holland that could almost be his twin.... or his grandpa :) Mine's 9 yrs old. The best way to deal with light staining is to just keep a clean environment and clean litter box so it doesn't continue to stain, and it should mostly shed...
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    bunny only wants hay?

    Call your vet. Did the vet check their teeth? You had said on your other thread something about them drooling.
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    bunny only wants hay?

    It could be because of the antibiotics then. That can cause some gut upset, so they may be trying to counter that by eating more hay. If they keep eating hay, they will drink water. They can't keep eating without drinking too. So either their hay eating will slow down or stop if they don't...