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    Bunny bed??

    I have been toying with the idea of getting a cat or dog bed for my New Zealand white bunny. She doesn't really care for her hiding cube or her rabbit hug mat (the one that has the rolls on either side that mimic laying with another rabbit). She's a big girl and she likes to stretch out. Even...
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    When is it time to just give up?

    Interesting! Since our male would undoubtedly try to initiate a fight right away, would i put them both back in their pens, or just him? Even in a bathtub he will try to attack her.
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    When is it time to just give up?

    Hi all. Well' it's been six weeks and zero improvement in getting my rabbits to bond. To explain we have an 8 month old mini rex male, and a 3 year old new Zealand white girl we got 6 weeks ago. Both fixed of course. Our male is just not having it. The girl is a love and even after being nipped...
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    Bonding rabbits

    I have been going through the exact same scenario. My boy was so mad when i brought home our new bunny. He got depressed then insecure and wanted constantly to be picked up and loved. They live side by side in our laundry room now with a gate between them. Everyday we swap them between the two...
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    Bunny poops smaller than usual

    I noticed tonight that my mini rex poops are much smaller than usual. I just started taking him and our new adopted bunny for walks in their stroller as a means of a little stress bonding since the bonding has been a bit rocky. I read that stress can cause smaller poops. Thinking i should just...
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    Gradual vs. Rapid bunny bonding

    Bunny update. Unfortunately not much to report. I have been keeping my bunnies side by side but separated, and I swap them between the two areas daily. They have been better around each other in this environment. They both look like they're desperate to get out this more confined arrangement...
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    Bonding and neutral space

    Thank you so much for this information! Makes sense. Do you think using the same home base area we used for our 1st bun will create territorial issues? If we clean it and rearrange the furniture? We've also been using this room for individual roaming sessions daily. t's just the best space for...
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    Bonding and neutral space

    Hi all. I've recently started the process of bonding. Boy/girl both fixed. We tried a 24/7 quicker bond approach and it failed. We are now doing a more slow introduction process and its going much better. Currently our buns are living in our laundry room separated by gate barriers. They can see...
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    Rabbit aggression during bonding attempts help!

    Ugh you guys. So I have been trying to bond my rabbit with another we adopted. Things were very promising. They were sharing the same space. Then they had a fight. We separated them via cage barrier because they kept trying to go back at it. After they cooled off things were promising and they...
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    Gradual vs. Rapid bunny bonding

    Thank you both. I think things went so well because my little guy was in unfamiliar territory. And yes i think the more our new girl is here the more he will get used to it. And yes were taking it slow.
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    Gradual vs. Rapid bunny bonding

    Hi everyone. So we adopted a new bunny yesterday...yay! She's a beautiful New Zealand white that was rescued from a lab. She still equates being picked up with bad things so that will be a work in progress, but she loves pets and shes a very sweet girl. Our existing bunny is a male mini rex. I...
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    Switching to 100% Organic Pellets!

    Can i ask which one of Sherwood brand you feed them? There's the basic timothy hay pellets and a premium hay pellet. Wondering which one is better? My bun eats hay but never a lot. Hes always more interested in his grass mats more than his hay so im wondering if the premium pelle would be optimal?
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    If looks could kale.....

    Very insightful. Thanks. Doesidoe is a cute name btw. 😊
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    If looks could kale.....

    Great ideas thank you
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    If looks could kale.....

    Hey everyone. My 6 mo. old bunny LOVES kale. He doesn't want to eat anything but kale. Any variety of kale. So, knowing that kale is high in calcium, anyone have some good alternative greens? I know kale is a topic of constant debate. I've tried romaine, he won't touch it. I've tried red...