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    Nasty smelling urine

    I use a cat litter in my Lops litter tray. It is recycled newspaper pellets & it absorbs odors really well. As mentioned newspaper just laid out, would stink like anything for sure! I've never tried the wood pellets. The place I get them from, told me they sell 3 times as many of the...
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    Runt or Peanut

    It looks fine to me. I'd say it's just the runt! He or she is coming along nicely by the look of things!
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    Are females terrible?

    I have 2 unaltered mini lop bucks in one enclosure in the house with me & they are really good together. One would be about 18 mths & the other about 7 mths. It took a good mth to bond them. At first the older buck would chase the younger one about, but never fight him. I'm really glad I...
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    My rabbit never drinks water ?

    I feed my Lops a mixture of different chopped up hays & a bit of carrot to help wear down their teeth. They love both & drink plenty of water. I have their water bottles over their litter trays, so they often drink then wee. I know they will drink out of a bowl as well, but bottles keep the...
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    Pregnancy Query - please help

    I think I would wait until spring before breeding them again, when the weather is a bit warmer. You might have better luck then perhaps. The little one on it's own may do okay. Only time will tell. I think we have all lost little ones & it is upsetting, especially after waiting a whole month...
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    What a sweet little bunny :-)
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    how to make my rabbit stop biting me?

    I live rural, so that was my humour! I hope someone can help her with her biting bunny!
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    how to make my rabbit stop biting me?

    Yes I thought someone might take offence to that :-) Mostly my humour in that reply, but out of frustration for the poor girl, what to do!
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    2014 Cages You've Made

    I have made my enclosures prettier, thanks to ideas I have seen on this site!
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    Determined Litterbox Digger

    I have a doe that is doing the same thing & I put a wire rack cut to fit the litter tray, that sits just above the litter to stop that from happening. It's messy alright otherwise & a dam pain to keep cleaning it up!
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    HELP! My bun just ate plastic :(

    She will most likely be fine. Give her hay for lots of fibre!
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    how to make my rabbit stop biting me?

    I know of a site that would tell you to send him to freezer camp. Personally I wouldn't keep a rabbit that bites :-( I wouldn't kill him, I just wouldn't keep him. Maybe let him loose in the hills!
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    Litter Boxes for Bonded Pairs

    I have 2 unaltered does that use the same litter box & 2 unaltered bucks that also use their own same litter box. They aren't particular like that.
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    Can a outside rabbit live happily inside ?

    I have 2 does living in the house with me in one enclosure & 2 bucks as well some distance apart also living in their own enclosure. They tend to live longer as they are protected from everything. You will most likely have next to no vet bills as well. It's all good!
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    Need help sexing my rabbits!

    I can usually sex mine by 4 weeks old with a strong magnifier & definitely by 6 weeks with it. I agree with the way the other posters have said to go about it. But for me, it's the magnifier!!!