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    Is my rabbit too aggressive for bonding?

    Really I think I'm asking at what stage would you stop trying to bond rabbits, or what behaviour would you consider to be an unbondable rabbit? I am currently trying to bond my speyed female rabbit with my neutered male but she absolutely hates him... and every other rabbit. They have been...
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    My rabbit mutilated my bird

    Thank you for taking the time to reply, it's nice to be able to relate to others stories, even though they are sad. It's the guilt and not knowing is what's really eating my brain, I wonder if my Budgie suffered before his death, if I could have done more to prevent, is morbid but I suppose it...
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    My rabbit mutilated my bird

    Thank you for taking the time to reply, your words brought some comfort to me, it is just so hard to accept. I wouldn't expect that behaviour from a never bred, speyed female but I am no expert. I will mull over it in the next week and hopefully I'll feel better.
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    My rabbit mutilated my bird

    Rabbit has been with me 3 years, speyed female. She has full access to hay 24-7, fed a bowl of greens every night and lots of treats, including outside time in a large, enclosed backyard every few days. I love her a lot but I don't know how to feel about her now, she was in my room with my...
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    Unsure if rabbit is pregnant

    Have you done no research? Your rabbit is going to get cancer, an unspayed female has a 60 - 80% chance of uterine cancer over the age of 3. You need to get her spayed, there's always risks. Like I said, theres enough homless rabbits in the world getting put down every day becasue none adopts...
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    Unsure if rabbit is pregnant

    Why have you not spayed her if she escapes (seemingly often) and knows wild rabbits? If your rabbits are escaping that regularly you need to keep a better eye on them or fix their enclosure. You need to get her neutered. Theres enough rabbits in the world with no homes. The only other way I...
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    mosquitos in the rabbit hutch

    I have no idea why the other two are saying this is OK, because it's not, myxomatosis and Rabbit (Viral) Haemorrhagic Disease (R(V)HD) are BOTH spread by mosquito's and are both extremely deadly and awful for your rabbit. And they certainly aren't as rare as you think. I know 2 cases...
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    Can I use a rabbit diaper? (bed peeing)

    Would it be consider it safe and hygienic if a rabbit was to wear a diaper for the duration of the night? Maybe 8 hours or so. She's an intact female, as she is still too young to be spayed (though I'm waiting and, dreaming of the day). I'm utterly sick of her peeing on my bed and will not put...