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    One watery eye?

    Thank you for advice. I flushed her eye yesterday ( she did NOT appreciate that!) and no watering this morning that I could see.
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    One watery eye?

    I noticed this morning that Pickles left eye was watery. Clear fluid/ tears. Right eye is normal. I checked her again this afternoon same thing, maybe less fluid. No pus or crust. I read it could be conjunctivitis or a bacterial infection. Can Baytril drops be purchased “over the counter”...
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    Litter Madness

    Are you in Gilbert, SC? I think Lazy Creek sells horse pellets as well as Tractor Supply.
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    Looking for simple cheap exercise toys

    I used some jute twine and clothespins to give fresh veggie treats- great exercise! I hang it a little higher so she has to get up on her hind legs. I also use this dog treat ball to give her pellets. She has to push it around to get the pellets to fall out. Keeps her entertained and she has to...
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    bunny toys!

    My bun bun loves this ball. I put her pellets in it and she will go to town! It unscrews, you lift out the divider and fill with their pellets for the day. You can even adjust how large the opening is. I made it pretty small once Pickles got the hang of it.
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    You know you're obsessed with rabbits when...

    When you have an indoor herb garden for your bun bun. Not for cooking
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    Someone dissed me for rabbits

    I’m thinking that her parents haven’t seen that video. And it’s frankly disgusting. I reported it to Youtube.
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    Someone dissed me for rabbits

    I am a school teacher and my rabbit visited my classroom when we studied mammals (I teach preschool Montessori) so I understand that children love rabbits. That being said, it was in far more controlled environment. The students were TAUGHT that loud noises, sudden movements and picking her up...
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    What is your bunny name?

    My bun bun Serena Von Pickles- Pickles to her friends.
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    Share your bunnies!

    I want to see them all!
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    Snuffle mat

    Has anyone ever used one of these with their bun before? It even looks like a bowl of salad greens...
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    just a question about playing with my rabbit

    Yes! They love play time. I usually settle on the floor with Pickles and she will come over to me. I try not to force interaction and let her set the pace. She will flop down next to me and loves to get a massage!
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    Waterproof flooring?

    There is! Keeps hay, poop and any spilled water or urine inside the cage. I wish I had used 2X6 for the side as Pickles STILL manages to get hay outside the cage!
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    Waterproof flooring?

    I put vinyl flooring down in Pickles pen. Sometimes you can get remnants at Lowe’s or Home Depot if you only want a small piece. Clean up is super easy!
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    Share your bunnies!

    Serena Von Pickles I believe she is a mini Rex- Agouti color.