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    New Bunny Soon, Question About Diet!

    As a side note, fresh foods (veggies and fruits) shouldn't be given until 6 months. They can be given bites as youngsters, just not big amount of their diet. I believe that too much lettuce can mess with the intestines, so watch how he reacts to it when he starts eating veggies!
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    Get to know each other game!

    I think it was from a story I listened to on a podcast... I think that was the last time... TPBM has a green thumb
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    Why Did You Get Rabbits?

    I started with a hamster when I was around ten. I had two, both of which weren't what I really wanted, they were mean-spirited animals. But around age 12, I decided I wanted a rabbit. I had to do my research. I found that they were a small mix of a cat and a dog (both of which I love) and fell...
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    Preventing Babies

    The best way for you to prevent mating is to alternate roaming times (from your post I understand they are free-roam?). You would need to keep one locked up in a crate/cage for some time and then switch with as little contact between the two as you can get. And make sure the crate/cage isn't in...
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    New flemish bun question

    Flemish Giants' are big rabbits, so they eat quite a bit. Since you're giving him unlimited greens, I would recommend 1/4 cup of pellets per 4 lbs. So if he was say 15 lbs (the average for a Flemish) would be roughly 1/2 and 1/4 cups of pellets. Obviously, if you want to make is diet to be a...
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    New bun in the family...

    I agree! Any pictures of little man/lady will be much appreciated!! And welcome, hope you can find any advice you need.
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    Get to know each other game!

    Yes, I'll never live in the city. Not a city girl at all. I need to be able to walk outside and lay in the grass. TPBM likes summer squash
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    Young Buck - split penis?

    I have never seen that before, the "volcano" look of it defiantly screams buck. Unless there is a more "taco" look to it that is. But what concerns me is how it appears to have a deep red in/on it. Has he been in contact with any other rabbits that could have bitten him?
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    Nursing doe is currently showing nesting behavior after rebreeding. Is it okay for the current litter to stay in the same pen?

    Really it just depends on the doe, but she probably would chase them, nip them, and at worse attack them. It varies per rabbit, but that would be some of the concerning behaviors.
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    Nursing doe is currently showing nesting behavior after rebreeding. Is it okay for the current litter to stay in the same pen?

    Mama is fine being bred a month later, that's around the same time she would get pregnant again in the wild. As long as she is fit, healthy, is a good weight, and nourished well. It is common for a people to leave pregnant does with their older litter until she gives birth. If she starts...
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    Accidentally Stepped on Bunny

    I I read all the comments. I understand bad things happen. But sometimes that is part of life. Some family (such as mine) have trouble having money to take a rabbit to the vet. I'm not backing down on this. Grow up. The best thing anyone can do for a rabbit they cannot get to the vet is to give...
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    Accidentally Stepped on Bunny

    While not all the messages I quoted did not explicitly say to disobey her parents, I still find it very negative and immature to push someone to do something at their parents have already given an answer to. I take this from EXPERIENCE. I had a rabbit I thought was sick. People kept telling me I...
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    Rash in chin?

    Ugh, that's annoying. BUT I am so glad it is looking good again! Once that fur is mostly grown back, you're mostly out of the woods.
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    Accidentally Stepped on Bunny

    I find it VERY disturbing that you guys are all telling this young girl (or boy), to disobey her parents. Her mother has experience in the veterinary field, and was able to tell if Duncan was truly hurt (spinal injury, etc.). He is showing improvement, which is a GREAT sign. Do not come at this...
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    Are they Berber, textured, or patterned carpets? I had a Berber carpet for my first rabbit and he never shredded it. I would watch very closely how much your rabbits are destroying it if the carpet is really fluffy (made of wool or polyester). But besides keeping an eye on how much they may...