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    Pregnant doe pulling out fur

    30-32 days for normal pregnancy. If shes already pulling fur that's a very good sign that everything is in order I would just keep an eye on her over the next few days. Personally I socialize with my Does quite a bit pregnant or not so that it is a regular thing and once the babies arrive you...
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    What color?

    Oh he's so handsome, jeez my heart, that marbled eye is so pretty! Thanks for the extra pictures! I'd say VM- Harlequin (Black/Orange) after checking several color classifications. His colors are as I mentioned before diluted, so hes probably the result of a couple of generations of breeding...
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    New bunny, many questions!

    Throw rugs will work fine as long as they have rubber backing and the fibers are dense, (like microfiber) the shorter the better to prevent possible digging and pulling and munching, and will stay in one place on your floor; as well as, memory foam bath mats for an enclosure. As long as they...
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    What color?

    Ohhh does he have banding of color where it goes completely across his entire body (a strip of color from belly to belly running across his back) like if you were to draw a bumblebee bee - (torted magpie), or mismatched lines of coloring the same way across the back -spine area being the...
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    What color?

    Tri-color Vienna-Marked; Blue or Marbled blue eyes (sometimes with a ruby cast-your red pupils only shine pinkish when the light hits them a certain way) and white markings are the signifiers of Vienna Marked, Vienna Carriers dont have the blue eyes.
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    17-day old tiny baby bunny has hard, dried poop in its butt

    You're very welcome, glad I could be of help, hope everything is going smoothly for you and yours! :D
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    Confused....No Alfalfa and Baby Buns ???

    Try making hay filled paper towel tube toys to encourage more interest in hay snacking, as well as added fun of the toy, hand feeding hay will work as well for scent association to help further solidify your bond!
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    It's possible that she is a Dutch mixed with something else, the white triangle on her nose means she is a Vienna Carrier, caused by the Vienna Gene courtesy of Vienna Rabbits, often found in diluted Dutch breed lines but also found in other mixed breeding. Vienna Marked rabbits have these white...
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    She is getting more scared of me?

    Six weeks is a touch early, hormonal behaviors start to present @ around 4 months in a medium sized breed but not sure of what type of bunnies you have though. Honestly it sounds like it's just fear based at this time. A lot of changes in a very short period of time. I would strongly suggest...
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    How do I keep kits warm

    You can always try to post them on imgur and then put the link up here, glad to know they're doing well, goodluck!
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    4 weeks post neuter

    You should be able to feel the babies at 2 weeks anyway by palpatine her abdomen. There is a def chance that she could be as they can still get a doe preggers after being snipped. I agree with JBun in commenting on your Does behavior though she just wants to breed. Monitoring her behavior in the...
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    HELP !!

    Also as a suggestion for next time make sure to avoid talking walks with him outside when the ground is muddy, and try using a spray bottle (24oz) filled with water and a bit of Apple Cider Vinegar (2 tsp) spritz on fur and stroke thru with fingers then towel dry and be particular in this as I...
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    HELP !!

    What parts of him got wet? Sounds like maybe he got water in his ears which is a huge issue and the result = a vet visit. Pooping in a bath is normal, and not liking bathing also normal for a rabbit. If this is the first time you've given a bath to a rabbit and him, given his age I strongly...
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    How do I keep kits warm

    Oh I forgot to mention that you certainly can pull fur from the Mom, especially if you pull from her belly near clearing away close to her nips that will act as milk flow stimulant as well. Does produce chemicals naturally to loossen their fur prior to giving and shortly after having a litter...
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    Getting bigger, Reddish growth on anus

    Shedding could be that he's starting to Molt. It could be that he has a sore from the stool that was stuck/removed. It could be something else too. Not really sure you can send me a pic if you dont want to post that here via clicking on my profile picture and selecting "start a conversation "...