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    NAILS! Do some rabbits just NOT need their nails trimmed?

    Some bunnies need nail trimming. Especially Dwarf Rabbits. When the bunny is white, with white nails, you can see the blood vessels inside. Just trim 3mm or so away from the blood vessels. Most bunnies habe dark nails, and dont like trimmung the nails. So I often make up an apointment with the...
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    4 H bunnies

    Yes, people still love rabbit meat. And furs. What does 4-H mean?
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    You could try timothy hay, or dried dandelion hay.
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    What does it mean when he digs at me? and crazy head shaking?

    Some bunnies are just very agile and cheeky. But they usually know not to bite hard, just a bit.
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    Chews my husbands stuff

    It your bun male or female? I had a Minilop, Luna (who died 2 weeks ago) and she liked male visitors. A female friend of mine was hated by Luna. Luna would even pee next to her shoes. Momi, old bun, neutered, always pulls away my Dads shoes. Maybe if your husband feeds your Bunny with treats...
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    Bonding a rabbit with a head tilt

    Hi, I just bonded a 11weeks ald Teddylop with a 6 year old Lionhead. I slept next to them, in case there is a problem, but they seem to like each other. No chargibg, no grunting, it just works well
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    Grain free pellets????

    I would just try whether they like it or not. By buns prefer pellets with grain, so when I offer them Timothy-based treats, they first refuse, gourmands as they are.
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    Bonding- Please help!

    Some bunnies are just more difficult to bond. Maybe wash the rabbit room with vinegar, and try again. In the 80ies and 90ies when bonding bunnies, we used a bit of fragran on both bunnies, but I think this is not recommended anymore.
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    How to get my rabbit to lose weight??

    Some bunnirs are lazier than others, some can eat more than others and dont get overweight. Basically like with humans. A neutered bun tends to be rather overweight than a not-neutered bun. Plus some bunnies look fat, but they only have a lot of fur, especially those who have Angora Bunny...
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    Is my bunny depressed?

    Maybe she would like to have a bunny friend? Some bunnies are very quiet and lazy, some are fine with their human, but somebunnies need a bunny friend.
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    My bunny seems super sleepy today, is this normal?

    Hi, Sleepiness happens, especially after a big meal, and when the weather is strange. Make sure your buns halways have hay and fresh water. When my buns are sleepy and I am not sure whether everything is alright, I feed them with a treat. If they dont eat for 12 to 24 hours or dont poo in that...