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Lionhead rabbit needs home!

Lionhead rabbit needs home!

Lion head rabbit needs home, his name is Ash. I am going off to college and I cannot take care of him. He is very loving and loves to play around. He needs to go to a home who has had rabbits or has rabbits. He needs a lot of attention and play time. He loves to chew. The adoption fee is 30 dollars.
Hello, he’s beautiful. I’m looking for a lionhead buck, I can’t travel too far. I’m wondering where he is. I’m in Oklahoma. I’m also wondering if he’s fixed since I’m looking to breed him with one of my does.
@Angel_Momma26 Thank you for the compliment! We live in Middle Georgia and that is a quite of a but to drive. He is not fixed at the moment, I got him April first of last year and he was around 4 months old when I got him.

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