Sherwood Appetite Restore - how much to give?

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Sep 11, 2021
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Frankfort, IL
Lola and Georgie are currently battling a URI. One gave it to the other - not sure who. Georgie is doing much better but he is much younger. Lola is doing OK but I noticed she is not eating her pellets as much. I opened up a new pouch of Sherwood Appetite Restore and gave her some. The recommended dose is one scoop with 3cc of water. I guess I was expecting this to be like Critical Care and it is not. She did finish it but it was a very small amount compared to what she gets with Critical Care. Was wondering if she should be getting more of this.

If I hand feed her pellets she eats them. The vet seems to think the URI is affecting her sense of smell. I have been putting some thyme and mint on her veggies and she eats those right away.
I think it's more like an electrolyte vitamin mix. So you don't really need to be giving a lot, or even give every day. Just mostly when a rabbit may be dehydrated or hasn't been eating, to help restore those electrolytes.

Along with the prescribed antibiotics, one med that really helped my rabbits that had URIs, is children's benadryl (diphenhydramine). It really helped clear up the amount of discharge they were having, and made breathing easier for them. I used the liquid cherry flavor, as it was sweetened with only sucrose (sugar) and contained no artificial sweeteners. I would definitely recommend asking your vet about it.

I've also read of some owners giving echinacea, to help boost their rabbits immune system. But it wasn't something I ever got around to trying, so I can't provide any info about it. But it might be worth researching.

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