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Nov 28, 2023
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Henderson NV
Hi, I was wondering how I can protect my bunnies from scorpions because I live in Las Vegas and it’s getting kinda warm and scorpions are coming out and I do put my bunnies inside the house but last week I discovered a scorpion near the bunny hutch so I just want to protect my bunnies from scorpions.
You would have to block whatever way the scorpions might be able to get into the hutch. So some kind of polycarbonate sheeting as a short bottom border to prevent them crawling in, but that doesn't cover so much it restricts good airflow in the hutch. 1/4 inch hardware cloth or polyester pet window screening are some other options I can think of that might work. Pet window screening would be the cheapest and simplest solution. It will also protect against biting insects.

1/4 in. hardware cloth

Poly pet window screening

With outdoor temps increasing, you'll need to be very careful with having your rabbits outdoors. Temps above 60f and in direct sun, or temps above 85f with adequate shade, can put a rabbit at risk of developing heat stress without the steps taken to help keep your rabbits cool. Late spring temps in Vegas, your rabbits won't be safe outdoors at all and need to remain in cool temperature controlled AC. Make sure you know the warning signs of heat stress in rabbits so you can prevent actual heat stroke ever occurring. Because once a rabbit gets actual heat stroke, permanent organ damage can occur, if it's not outright fatal.
Oh okay, thank you for your response and aside from scorpions can I ask you a question about signs of a injured leg and what should I do if your bunnies do get a injured leg or if I can heal the injured leg by myself not going to a vet or I have to go to a vet? And is it okay if I touch my bunnies leg up and down to see if it’s okay?
Thank you so much for the reply, and do you might know why my baby bunny is walking like this or sitting like this?


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It looks like there might be some sort of injury to the hind leg. It's impossible to know what kind of injury, except having a knowledgeable rabbit vet examine the leg and possibly take xrays, to determine if it's just a soft tissue injury or if there's a fracture.