Rabbit Vets near North East North Carolina?

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Mar 28, 2018
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Looking for any known rabbit vets near the very top right of north east north carolina. Anything near Chesapeake VA is good too, as long as its really no more than an hour away. Not an immediate need, but always good to have one. I have a friend who knows a rabbit vet somewhere around but I believe he was a bit further than I'd like.
Late reply but just in case anyone else has the same type of question:

Raleigh has Avian and Exotic Animal which I have found so-so. They claim that every single one of their vets is rabbit savvy and none of them are better at it than any others which to me just means they're not paying attention. I've had Sam with two of their vets. The first one was very thorough, very communicative and very good with Sam but missed his molar spurs. She was younger, blond and I don't remember her name. The second, Dr. Dan, was an expert but one of those experts that doesn't listen to what you're telling them. So he's very good but he has his own ideas about what's going on unrelated to what you tell him, which is fine if you don't know what's going on and annoying if you're pretty sure you do. You can however be firm with him and he will follow through with what you'd like done (check Sam's right ear, its molar spurs, etc.) Avian Exotic is EXPENSIVE however so bring a deep pocketbook and they WILL blame just about anything on e-cuniculi and offer treatment for it. Works best if you're firm with them about what needs to be done and are a bit rabbit savvy to start with in my experience. Phone number is: 919 844-9166

Emergency vet in Raleigh is AMAZING! They are also open during the day I believe. They're short staffed however and its first come first serve so you're going to be there for several hours at least, so plan accordingly. Regular service is pretty regular cost during the day but things get pricey FAST at night. They are however open in the middle of the night so its worth it. Only had to bring rabbits twice so far and each time the vets that dealt with them were superb and completely on the ball. If it wasn't multiple hours drive away I'd go there exclusively. They only treat emergencies however so they don't have the equipment for things like tooth trimming, etc. Highest recommendation but the vets rotate so I don't know that you can get a steady one and you can't set up appointments before hand. Phone number is: 919 781-5145

Lastly is NC State Exotic Services. I haven't used them but I've had them recommended to me before. From what I understand its a bit of a 'vet university' but the vets you deal with are the teachers and experts at things. I can't tell you about the experience or the cost. They are only available for calls Monday through Friday in the morning. Wait time seems to be one to two weeks. Phone number is: 919 513-6999 Option 5

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