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Mar 1, 2022
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Hi all,
I picked this beautiful girl up 3 days ago and I’ve noticed movement in her stomach when she lays down. She has a tendency to bite every now and then and she loves nudging people with her nose (a little bit bossy but she’s a wild rabbit that’s been domesticated so maybe that’s her nature?) and now I’m questioning if she’s pregnant or is it’s just her digestive movement. Please helppppp!
It won’t let me upload the videos - can someone please tell me how to do this as it says the file does not have an allowed extension
You can get a pretty good idea if she's pregnant by a few signs. 1) the rabbit will be increasingly grumpy 2) she'll be eating a lot more 3) nesting habits (gathering hay for a nest, pulling fur, digging) 4) reluctance to touch her stomach 5) her stomach obviously will get bigger
For the stomachs movement, if it's drastic and sudden, it's probably a baby moving. Try looking up videos of pregnant rabbits online, that will help you understand what it looks like.
Now, depending on how long you've had her, and the last time she was in contact with an unaltered male. Starting from the day you got her, count 31 days ahead and set that as her "due date". if she doesn't have babies by then she's not pregnant. She's a wild bunny, she's a lot smarter than a domestic bunny, so she will be a-okay.

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