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Jun 27, 2009
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i recently got new zealand rabbit and am trying to breed them but no luck. is there a special way to get them to breed
This will probably get moved to the Rabbitry where our resident breeding experts are 'living'. Hopefully they will be able to give you some more advice.

Could you maybe explain what you have been doing so far? Like how you've been breeding? Diet? Ages, etc.
thay are about 35 weeks old and feed them plan pellets
and then i put them in with the buck i also feed them carrots apples
I have one buck that is shy, he won't breed the female in his cage for the first few hours, so I end up leaving the doe in with him overnight. How long do you leave them together? I have left dutch pairs together for a week with my shy-ish buck, and I know dutch are usually not slow on breeding. You could try leaving them together for a week and then putting it down as the first day together as their mating date, but give the due date until the full 32 days from the day you remove the doe- gives you an extra week for the babies.
i will have to try that i leave them two or three days not a week thank u for your help
i would love to get my bunnys going i love my rabbits thay mean everthing to me
most nzw's will breed starting at 5 months old,if the does are overly fat or thin they generally will not breed.A few minutes is all you need to put them together,leaving them along or a couple of days together could end with a neutered ,or even dead buck,to hot and they will not breed or if they breed the mating will be infertile,very, very seldom some does and some bucks just will not breed,
What attempt are you trying, to get them to breed? Cage breeding? Table breeding? Run breeding? Letting them house together for a few days?

Everyone is different in how they breed, but I have found that cage breeding gets me the best result. Rarely, if ever, do I have a doe miss. I can monitor them breeding, and know for sure if he has actually bred with her.



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