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Cosmo the bunny

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Dec 21, 2022
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New York
Cosmo had his leg amputated back in july, he turned two a couple of days ago so now we are thinking about neutering him, but the risk of putting him under anesthesia again might not be worth it… thoughts?
It depends on if you have a particular reason for wanting him neutered. Most common reasons are excessive hormonal behavior causing issues (eg. humping, spraying, hormonal aggression, strong urine smell), bad litter box habits, having an unspayed girl bun you don't want accidentally getting pregnant, or you have plans on bonding him with another bun. Reproductive cancer risk is a common reason for girl buns but is considered low risk in male rabbits. So if none of these reasons apply to your bun, then it may not be worth the risk.

If one of those does apply to your situation, then it's weighing the risks versus the benefits. Any surgery carries a potential risk of complications no matter how safe the procedure may be considered. But having a really good rabbit vet doing the surgery can help minimize those risks. So it's taking all these things into account to determine what's best. But really only you can decide if it's the right thing for your situation and your rabbit, and if it's worth the risk.

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