My rabbit died today suddenly.

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I just lost my rabbit to what they thought was cancer, and now my second rabbit also has high WBC count and will be starting antibiotics tomorrow. Neither one has been exposed to other rabbits but did recently add another grain to their diet for the first time in years. I was wondering if a bad batch of grain or hay could be toxic or have something that could make them suddenly sick. I doubt hay and grain is tested as much as dog or cat food. How do they monitor rabbit food if there is a toxic mold or substance?
Rabbit food may sometimes contain mycotoxins or contaminants, particularly lower quality feeds or if it was exposed to moisture and became moldy. This can make a rabbit very sick and could be fatal.

I believe it would be your state's department of agriculture that tests animal feed. I think you have to pay for the testing unless there is clear evidence of many rabbits becoming sick from a feed, then the manufacturer likely is responsible.

You could always ask your vet.

I'm very sorry for the loss of your rabbit.
I just lost my rabbit on February 7 (my birthday). I cannot for the life of me figure out what happened. His sister lived in the same room with him, and she is fine. I keep asking myself what could I have done to help him. I feel so guilty, but I honestly do not know what I could have done for him. Except love him, and he was very loved (and so is his sister).
I’m so sorry for your loss and the losses of everyone here ❤️. I also lost my boy on my birthday back in August. I had just got home from my birthday party 😕. He was perfectly normal the day before, then at around midday he started getting quiet, but I just assumed he was mad I hadn’t let him out of his pen yet. He didn’t run to me when I crinkled his hay bag and only ate a hay flower when I held it up to his mouth. Then he went limp (seemed paralyzed from his front legs as well.) Then he had something like a seizure then passed. Still don’t know what was wrong, but I think his previous owner kept their bunnies in a hutch outdoors. I guess he caught something. He was not even three months old 😢.
Very sorry you lost your sweet little one. We've had 3 hat were fine in the morning and gone in the afternoon--no sign of any cause--it just happens sometimes and leaves a hole in your heart.