Lümi crossed over.

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Yeah, it's already been a month. I still miss him so, so much. I wonder if he's getting along with Musti. I'm sure they are, i've never known rabbits more friendlier and easygoing than those guys... Another crying marathon, here it goes....

I am still a bit confused as to when to "celebrate" his passing, is it 14th since he went down from there, or 15th, since he died 00:30 that date?

Well, at least Storm seems to have settled in, idunno if us sharing a room has helped him any. He's awfully grumpy and stompy though, he grunts and snorts so much when compared to their duo time. He hasn't gotten any better after that, just gone worse. I really wish he would hint at me for how i can help him, 'cause i see him struggling. We're driving to the vets on thursday to see what's going on with his dark-waxed, scale-patterned inner ears. I refuse to believe that it is just from mosquito bites. I also managed to remove a tuft of something(fabric strand?) that had managed to slightly grow into his toenail(his nails grow outside-in, must've gotten stuck then, how odd.)
Hey my little prince, how are you doing? I hope that you found Musti in your travels, i imagine that you're great buddies with him, in a place that i'm not allowed to become a part of. You would've made the cuddliest, kissiest, most affectionate and attention-seeking duo ever. Too bad that i never got to see that.
Still, it's been three months. Every time i look at you, i cry. Oh how i wish you were here. How much i wish that whatever you died of, could've been prevented. But i know that our best care wasn't enough to keep you from going.
I fear losing memories of you. I can no longer remember some details about Musti, and i don't want it to happen to you. I want to keep remembering every little thing about you. And i want to regain my memories of him. But that's out of my reach- i was the closest to you guys, so if i forget, that's it.
Your stone's still incomplete- your lovely picture is engraved, but it hasn't got your name on it. Soon, my darling, soon. I really really miss you...
I've decided that i will use one or the other date when it is more "convenient," though before revisiting this post i'd remembered Lümi going on the 14th.
It's already been a year without you returning. Your stone is long set under the pines right by Musti's stone, you guys are facing one another.
Storm was so lost for months after your sudden leaving, you know? He was so grumpy, often easily spooked, avoiding us more than usual. You guys hadn't been on the best terms before your departure, but see, he still missed you, looked all over the place to find you again.
I am deeply wondering if all rabbits truly have a know-what's-up radar cause he walked outside and almost beelined to your spot, he sniffed around for a long time before dejectedly going back indoors.
I still remember how you loved to flop into me and kiss me just because you wanted; all those awesome binkies in the bed. You'd specifically seek me out to be hugged and cuddled. You would come running and almost overgroom me when i was feeling unwell. You were the one who definetly knew what was up. You were the one i proudly showed to guests-soft and sweet-mannered, not too big, peacefully sat in others' laps, never bit and always gave kisses even to near-strangers.

I love you.
See you next year.
I'll leave it here so you could take a look.
I sorry for your loss. my heart is heavy when I read these sad posts. hugs to you, and your bunny's who are living and who have past on. RIP
It is that time of the year again. Two years, my friend. How fast time goes by. I still think of you. I will never stop wishing that you were still alive. I still long for your silky soft fur, the funny noises you made while grooming, your warm kisses. All the binkies on the bed. Your flopping video is still the only one i have.
Your partner ended up with another, whom he clearly loved. They happily spent one-and-half years together. Alas, it seems that Storm still loved you enough to come back to you so soon.
Tell me, did he find you? Has he welcomed your love? Did you get to introduce him to Musti? You three would probably make a very interesting trio dynamic.
I wanted to bring you some flowers that you liked. But when i looked at your grave, i saw that nature had "planted" a pretty bunch of blooming yellow dandelions, blossoms only, right before your stone, and yours only. Even the ground knew when would be the best time.
Until next year, Lümi, my little white prince.
What a gorgeous bun, RIP Lumi, over the Rainbow Bridge 🌈❤️
How sweet that those beautiful yellow flowers have bloomed just for him!
Your drawings are amazing!
Time does fly--"Tempus Fugit" which is Latin for "time flies". We lost our first to the bridge more than 15 years ago and our avatar "Nikki" has been gone for 6 years. Rest in peace little one, you are missed by all!
Hello, my sweet little prince. Three whole years have passed.
Without your kisses, without your binkies on the bed, no more funky faces either.
No more wallpaper for you to rip out. No more daily meds, my love.
No more can i see you trying to get to Storm for his love. No more licking away my tears.
I only wish that your love may last forevermore, like i saw in my dreams on the night that Storm crossed the bridge. You laid side by side, kissing his ear as he slept. As if you'd never been in a disagreement with him, as if your bond had never broken.

I fixed up dinner for you tonight.... things that you would've loved to have.
Some tomato...
Rose petals,
And the pellets you ate like a vacuum.
A lovely little tribute that Iris will be over the moon to eat for you.
Until next year or till fate brings us together once more

Sobbing with undying love for you,
im sorry for your loss (i know its late )
i still sometime remember the moment of my bunny last breath,
and yet almost after a year its still bring tear to my eyes
i dont know if some day i gonna forget that moment

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