Is this hurting my rabbit?

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Aug 18, 2023
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When im at school i dony know what happens af home and if anyone in my family except my dad touches my rabbit i get really mad cause they dont know how to. And i recently found this picture on my dads phone of my mom holding my rabbit without permission while i was at school. I just need to know if this position hurt my rabbit


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No, except for the possible risk of your rabbit getting dropped if it starts to struggle when being held, especially in a less secure holding position.

Also, if your rabbit is still young, as your bun gets older (s)he will likely start to hate being picked up more and more. For some rabbits, continuing to try and pick them up and hold them too often, can start to affect trying to build a trusting relationship with them.
Sometimes it is necessary to pick up a rabbit, such as for a health check or trimming nails, but it's usually best to limit this to only when absolutely necessary, until you've developed a trust with your bun, and your bun is accepting of being held without getting upset. But this takes time and patience. If you would like to work with your bun to learn to trust being picked up, this article goes through the process.

How to teach a rabbit to not hate being picked up
I'm sorry you're having to go through this stress. You're working hard to earn your bunny's trust. Now your parents are going to have to work harder to re-earn yours. I know from personal experience that's very upsetting!

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