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Feb 7, 2021
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Chibi's World, Eastern USA
My name is Rexy. I lost my love bun, Xiao Wu. She passed away last week and I became very depressed, almost not eating. But you know what? This new bunny, Artemis, he's been a friend to me since his arrival. Xiao Wu didn't like him, but she tolerated him enough to let him say hi through the gate. The humans have chosen to let Artemis in my area. This has made me so happy! Artemis reminds me of Xiao Wu. He's good bunnies. Thank you, Artemis.



I've always thought some people are just "too narrow" when they dismiss a companion animal's emotional needs--all animals grieve and most do not like being alone when a companion passes. I had 2 goldfish for almost 4 years together--they were never alone. Spot passed last week and Goldy quit eating and was laying on the gravel bottom, not moving. After 2 days, I brought home a "new" fish and Goldy went back to what is normal, for a goldfish, swimming around and constantly searching the gravel for edibles.

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