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Mar 21, 2023
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United Kingdom
I picked Todd up on Thursday night as a bit of a emergency.
He was being sold on a free ads site and was being kept in a tiny makeshift hutch in the garden with no floor which was full of takeaway containers. He was being fed nuggets and bread.
So I took the 1hr 20min drive each way to go and collect him!
He is a smashing little chap, all he wants is love and attention, around 2 years old.
After a visit to the vet yesterday, we confirmed he has a bad case of "walking dandruff" aka fur mites. The skin on his back is very sore and his hair is falling out. He also has a waxy ear, is absolutely filthy and is underweight at only 1.6kg!
The plan is to find him a place at a proper rescue as it will be a long time until he can be neutered and I have little space to keep him long term. But I have fallen in love with him, so... who knows? Miley likes to say hello through the bars (but no touching!)

Anyway, some pics!