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May 25, 2009
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, Manitoba, Canada
Yeesh, I completely forgot I signed up here.

Anyway, hello everyone! I'm from Manitoba around the Portage la Prairie area, and because I hate where I live, I came to the conclusion very quickly that I needed something to spend my free time on. So in January I got my first rabbit (Briar). Then again in February I got my second rabbit (Quinn) after feeling sorry for the little guy. (he was living with two other rabbits in something roughly the size of a twenty gallon tank with a guinea pig)





Hey, welcome to the forum!

Briar and Quinn are really cute, I love their colors!
Hi your Bunnies are very cute and they look very spoiled.

I look forward to seeing many pictures of them.

Susan :)
:wave:from me too. what cute spoilt bunnies you have, and gorgeous colours. will not be showing the pic of quinn to my buns as they would love a bed like that..
Hello and Welcome To RO!! :)

Your bunnies are gorgeous! :biggrin2:I love both their colorings.


Welcome! What adorable bunnies! In case you had no idea, Briar's coloring is considered tri, and Quinn's is harlequin. They're beautiful.


Annie :bunny19
the picture of briar in the fluffy bed is gorgeous. I love the pose looking over the side of the bed.

quinn looks very cute too. I got my rabbits one month apart too, just couldn't stop at one! do your two get along well?
i had a bed like that for mu bunny and she peed in it and so i keep having to wash it *rolls eyes*

more pictures? your bunnies are so pretty

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