Goodbye to our Miss Molly

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I miss so many (basically all) of the buns we parented for the past 18 years. Prior to adopting and rescue, there were cottontail buns who captured our hearts.

It is never easy is so true. We have more than a decade yet of innocent precious lives to chaperone as they become much-treasured senior citizens.

Life is precious to those whose life it is.
Another sad day. We said goodbye to our big girl Molly this morning. She's the oldest bunny we've ever been blessed with and would have been 16 this July. She's been going downhill for several months so we've been working harder at taking care of her. Yesterday, all she could do was lay on her side and we couldn't get her to eat any of her favorites, so it was time. We will all miss you big girl. I'll never forget you and Lilly doing the bunny 500 in Daniel's living room or how you'd both steal any seat if someone got up. Rest in peace old girl and binky free.
Oh so sorry to hear of your loss of this special girl, Molly. But hey, she lived 16 wonderful years. Bless her soul n hope she is happily blinking in bunny heaven 😌🥰

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