Goodbye My Little Old Man

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So sorry for your loss even though I am reading about it late. I know how much you miss them when they are gone. I went through the same feelings when I lost my Quaker. A friend knew I needed to get another one not to replace the one I lost but to help me heal & to have another Quaker parakeet to love & love me. Glad you now have Buddy to fill that void in your heart & life.
so sorry! he gave you so much joy!!! I had a cockatiel for 10 + years and yes she was noisy and messy, but I loved her little sweet tweets in the morning, saying please uncover me!!! it's sooo quiet without her. every time i'm in a pet store , i hear the cockatiels and my heart melts!! rest in peace little friend!!!!! my squeakers will be taking care of him!!!
The time seems to fly by so fast now. Doesn't seem like it could be 3 years already my little old man. Sure do miss you and still remember seeing you break free from your egg and watching you grow. Rest in peace my "little old man"--you'll alwyas be alive and with us in our hearts and thoughts.:cry1:
sending my sincere condolences and may they all binky away over that rainbow at where we ll meet them one day awaiting US ...
Our last little Zebra Finch passed away sometime last evening. He was a happy, noisy little bird and we'll really miss him. We used to call him "Methusaleh" as he would have been 14 years old this March--he lived more than 3 times as long as his parents and sisters. We watched him work his way out of his egg on Easter day, 1999. Watching TV won't be the same as any bell or cell phone on TV would set him off or if you whistled, he'd answer. Good bye my sweet little birdy boy, rest in peace.
Awe what a beautiful story. He had lived a long and happy life with you! RIP little blessed birdy one 😌

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