Goodbye my Giant Girl

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Well my big girl, it's been a year since we said goodbye. You'll always be my all time favorite as you just had so much personality and love for us. I'll always remember all the comments on your size, as you were the biggest bunny I've ever seen--you triple in size from when you first came to us and you were already a big bunny to start with. I've still got a giant hole in my heart. Rest in peace and binky free, you were always so active and large.:cry1:
So so sorry for your loss. Our buns really leave a hole in our heart when they leave us.

Until we are reunited again at the bridge. ♥


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Hey big girl, you are so missed--we really don't have a lap bunny like you anymore--the 3 we have are sweet, but they don't shake the house hopping around like you did--you were our biggest and one of the best--see ya next year.

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