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Nov 10, 2022
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Suffolk UK
Hi, I just wanted to tell you about this book I've recently purchased. By reading the descriptions with adjoined pictures I am now able to safely forage feed my rabbits for 5 days a week.
This has saved me tons of money and is so easy to do.It also descibes how to easily dry leaves to cover the winter months.
I have found that they eat every morsel of foraged food that i can give them.
They still have a small amount of pellet food and some different leaves on 2 days.
I live in uk and am finding many of the leaves and plants nearby and in woods and hedgerows.There may even be similar books for your part of the world.


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My only caution would be pesticides/chemicals applied to the harvested bits--need to make sure everything is clean. Used to trim my peach and apple trees every winter so I knew there was no pesticide there and my guys loved the apple branches--had several different fruit trees but I only gave them the apple. Living in the city and having to work gave me no time to access any forested areas, although, went with a friend several times to harvest mushrooms for me, not the bunnies.
I completely agree with the pesticide/chemical precaution, but there are "recipes" for soaking vegetables/greens in baking soda and then rinsing with plain water afterwards, that have proven to be more effective than most (if not all) store bought rinses intended for fruits and vegetables. I'd suggest looking into that and seeing if you think it's a good idea.
BTW - growing your own at home doesn't take too much space if growing vertically. It can cost a little bit to start, but then is essentially free after you get it going. Lots of YouTube videos explain how to start out super small (just 1 or 2 plants even).

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