Ever heard your rabbit squeak at another rabbit to talk?

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Feb 7, 2021
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Chibi's World, Eastern USA
I know rabbits are not supposed to make certain noises while some other noises are a good thing. If one hears grunting, usually means they are upset or defensive toward something. If one screams, that's the worse kind of sound that no one should ever experience. Honking is happy, usually accompanied by little one circling your feet. But what if the bunny is squeaking at another bunny, that almost sounds like grunting, but just sitting there, and the other bunny doing the same. Well, that was Rexy and Artemis. They were not fighting. No. They were...talking? They rattle the gate, the other comes up, and they talk. Ever heard of this happening before? Yes. We watch them. Especially when we hear their grunting squeaks. I'm afraid they would break into a fight. Nope. Just talking.
I've only heard something similar from an unfixed doe while being 'courted' by a buck wanting to mate with her.

But vocalizing at other times can also just be an individual trait. Some rabbits can just be more vocal than is usual. I've had rabbits that almost never made a peep, and other's that were happy buzzing little bees constantly ❤
Cool. As long as they are getting along, there is nothing to worry about. It's like two dudes chilling and talking about their day,
We have an elder harlequin who makes the cutest little whimper sounds. He's perfectly healthy. Plenty of free roam time, and he just likes to verbalize.

We had a n/male (btw, all our buns are sp/eutered), who routinely hummed, buzzed and circled his rescue dad's feet long after his hormones were fixed.

My special needs' avatar spayed harlequin girl, a former stray with tattoo in her ear) verbalized one time as I was holding her. Her mouth moved and she made little bunny sounds like she was engaging in conversation with some one else! Quite remarkable.

One of our elder Rex's needs a butt bath now and then, and he makes adorable little sounds. Squimpers, especially when being gently towel dried.

Of course we have the grunters, too.

Thanks for sharing that story of Rexy and Artemis, @ArtistChibi.


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